While some events and artists are continuing to postpone dates, others are preparing for the future and are scheduling tour dates.  Trauma has planned a European tour for this fall.

The band is also working on an as yet named new album.

The rockers will be joined by Ross the Boss and Burning Witches.

Trauma European Tour dates:
Nov 17 at the Hus 7 in Stockholm, Sweden
Nov 18 at the Valand in Gothenburg, Sweden
Nov 19 at the Joh Dee in Oslo, Norway
Nov 20 at the Flytten in Haugesund, Norway
Nov 21 at the Sandnes in Stavanger, Norway
Nov 23 at the Knust in Hamburg, Germany
Nov 24 at the Kubana in Siegburg, Germany
Nov 27 at the Amadeus in Oldenburg, Germany
Nov 28 at the Little Devil in Tilburg, Netherlands
Nov 29 at the Baroeg in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nov 30 at the Posthalle in Wurzburg, Germany
Dec 1 at the 27 in Pratteln, Switerzerland
Dec 3 at the Legend Club in Milan, Italy
Dec 4 at La Cham in Cham, Germany
Dec 5 at Dock 18 in Esenhuttenstadt, Germany
Dec 6 at the Hellraiser in Leipzig, Germany