As lock down rules begin to relax, professional sports begin making plans to get started once again.

Hoping to start the season, NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell has issued orders to teams for opening their facilities.

First and foremost for owners to reopen is that they are complying with all state and local regulations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.  Owners must also ensure that all of the proper safety protocols are met.

The earliest an owner may open team facilities is May 25; however, if a state’s orders are still in lock down, the facilities must remain closed.

Team facilities that do open must:
limit facility staff to 50 percent of the staff with a limit of 75 people
Coaching staff are prohibited from entering the facilities
the strength and conditioning coach may be present only if they are aiding in a player’s rehabilitation
Only players involved in rehab are allowed on the premises
Teams must report any changes in government regulations
And, the teams MUST report any positive test or diagnosis of the Covid-19 virus.