When the nation was put on lock down and all sporting events put on hold in early March, there was no indication of when sports would start up again.

In light of the news that some state governors have yet to announce any plans for loosening the restrictions and even some governors extending their stay at home orders, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has announced that Major League owners will be allowed to furlough workers from office staff all the way up to coaches and even managers. While furloughed, the employees will not lose any of their health benefits.

Manfred suspended the Uniform Employee Contracts beginning May 1.

The ruling includes both Minor League and Major League organizations.

The ruling is not a mandatory action but simply one that will allow Major League owners now have the option to furlough workers in order to reduce cash outflow until the League returns and the teams can again generate income.

None of the sporting organizations in the United States have given any indication of when they may begin operating again or even if once they do, fans will be allowed into the stadiums.