The Battle Rounds are over on “The Voice” and it’s time for the Knockout Rounds where the 28 remaining singers will get a little help from super mentor, the original JT, James Taylor.

Team Blake gets the night started with Joei Fulco and Levi Watkins. Joei chose the Everly Brothers song “When Will I Be Loved” which was remade by Linda Rondstadt. Levi chose a Waylon Jennings song “I Ain’t Living Long Like This”. Taylor didn’t just tell the singers, he showed them on his guitar. John said that both singers gave perfect performances; but there was something about Levi. Nick was perplexed by Levi’s song choice; adding that Blake is good at coaching. Kelly thought that Levi was cool for even knowing the song and who Waylon Jennings is. Blake said that Levi sold the song even though he is only 14; adding that Joei did a good job of not over singing. Going with his gut, Blake chose Joei as the winner of the battle. Kelly wanted to adopt Levi.

The singers only get one steal for this round.

Next up was team Kelly with Megan Danielle and steal CammWess. Megan chose Kelly’s song “Piece by Piece”. CammWess chose the Great Big World song “Say Something”. Blake called it a neck and neck competition; adding that both have an incredible gift. John said that Megan did a great version of Kelly’s song but CammWess was a vocal tour de force. Nick said that John made a mistake letting CammWess go and showed John what he lost. After two emotional performances, Kelly noted how the singers chose songs that meant something to them. Saying that she was being strategic, Kelly chose Megan as the winner of the battle. Nick and John pushed their button to steal CammWess. CammWess chose to go back home and return to John’s team.

John’s first duo was Darious Lyles with “Me and Mrs Jones” and Mike Jerel with the Bruno Mars song “Versace on the Floor”. Nick called the guys two powerhouse performances. Kelly said that she loves both voices; adding that they are smooth. John said that Darious was intentional in his performance. John chose Mike as the winner of the battle.

Nick chose to pair Roderrick Chambers and Tate Brusa for a battle. Roderick chose “Redbone” by Childish Gambino for her song and Tate chose “The Scientist” by Coldplay for his performance and to play the piano for the first time. Roderick had Kelly on her feet dancing, but Blake was confused by what the lyrics to the song were. Kelly thought both singers were impressive. Blake noted that Nick was in a tough spot. John said that Roderick’s range is stunning; adding that Tate’s performance was impressive. Nick noted that Tate came out showed he meant business; adding that Roderick also gave a great performance. Saying that he was going with his gut, Nick chose Roderick as the winner of the battle.

For his next battle, Blake chose to pair Cam Spinks and Todd Tilghman for a battle. Cam chose the Lee Brice song “Rumor” and Todd chose the Travis Tritt song “Anymore”. John called the performances fun. Nick noted that the guys have very similar voices. Blake noted that it was crazy to see talent like this undiscovered. Blake chose the father of eight, Todd Tilghman as the winner of the battle.

John paired up Zan Fiskum and steal Joanna Serenko for a battle. Joanna chose the John Prine hit “Angel from Montgomery”. The show was filmed prior to Prine’s death. Zan chose the Brandi Carlile song “The Story”. Nick regretted letting Joanna go; adding that there was a lot of emotion in Azn’s performance. Kelly said that it was an even performance. Blake said that he learned more about Joanna vocally but Zan was an artist. John liked the fluttery notes from Joann; but thought that Zan did a great job as well. John chose Zan as the winner of the battle. Nick and Blake pushed their buttons to steal Joanna. Joanna chose to go with her third different coach this season and chose Blake to be her coach.

Team Blake:
Joei Fulco
Todd Tilghman
Joanna Serenko

Team Kelly:
Megan Danielle

Team Legend:
Mike Jerel
Zan Fiskum

Team Nick:
Roderick Chambers