It’s the final week of the Battle Rounds on “The Voice”. Blake and John each have four singers on their teams while Kelly and Nick each have three singers on their teams. Kelly and John have already used their steals; but Blake and Nick still have a steal. Kelly is the only coach who has a save remaining.

Nick and his brothers get the battles started off with a pairing up of Samuel Wilco and Aeri Moon. Nick has a birthday cake for Samuel and the brothers sing Happy Birthday to him. Nick chose “Missing You” for the duo. Before the performance, Blake sings a part of the song. Kelly loved the song and the chemistry; adding that it was an even matched battle. Blake loved the song and the performance; adding that it was fun to listen to. John said that he felt joy from their performance. Nick said that he made a mistake pairing them together because he wants them both. Nick chose Arei as the winner of the battle.

Kelly paired teens Megan Danielle and Samantha Howell for a battle of Kelly’s favourite songs, Patty Griffin’s “Top of the World”. Blake noted that Kelly’s song choice spoke to her confidence in the girls. Saying that she loves them both, Kelly loved the girls’ tone and their performance. Kelly chose Megan as the winner of the battle. As she was walking off the stage, Kelly pushed her button to save Samantha. There are no more saves. Samantha is the only female singer in the four way knockout battle of saved singers.

In his final battle, Blake paired up Jon Mullins and Todd Tilghman for a battle of the classic country song “Ghost in this House”. John loved the emotion in the song and the connection the guys made with each other. Nick loved the emotions; adding that it was a really well executed performance. Saying that she was a fan of both of them, Kelly loved the performance. Blake said that he mad a monumental mistake by pairing them together because it was an epic performance. Saying that he has a gut feeling, Blake chose Todd as the winner of the battle. Nick pushed his button to steal Jon. Nick said in the blind auditions that given the chance he was going to steal Jon. Blake is the only coach with a steal remaining.

In his final battle, John paired up Brittney Allen and Zan Fiskum for a battle of the Indigo Girls song “Closer to Fine”. Nick called the performance so unexpected; adding that the girls let each other shine. Kelly called the performance effortless and beautiful. John noted that everyone was floored by the performance. John chose Zan as the winner of the battle.

Kelly paired up Mandi Thomas and Sara Collins for a Martina McBride song. John said that both girls sounded great; adding that he also enjoyed looking at them. Nick agreed with John. Noting that the girls were different, Kelly chose Mandi as the winner of the battle.

In a clip, Kelly paired Jules and Tayler Green for a battle with Tayler taking the win; Nick paired Jacob Miller and Kevin Farris for a battle with Jacob taking the win.

In the final battle of the night, John paired Thunderstorm Artis and Cedrice for a battle of “Stay” by Rihanna. The passionate performance brought the coaches to their feet. Nick said that it was one of the battles he was looking forward to seeing; adding that they didn’t disappoint. Nick wondered whether he should keep watching or look away. Kelly said that she couldn’t keep her eyes off of them; adding that they were captivating. The coaches love Thunderstorm’s name. John said that they felt inspired by being in their presence; adding that the duo sounded amazing. John chose Thunderstorm as the winner of the battle. And finally using his steal, Blake pushed his button to steal Cedrice.

Four way knockout save:
Todd Michael Hall – Blake
Michael Williams – Nick
Nelson Cade III – John
Samantha Howell – Kelly

Team Blake:
Joei Fulco
Levi Watkins
Toneisha Harris
Cam Spinks
Todd Tilghman
Cedrice – steal

Team Kelly:
Anaya Cheyenne
Micah Iverson
Cammwess – steal
Megan Danielle
Mandi Thomas
Tayler Green

Team Nick:
Roderick Chambers
Allegra Miles
Tate Brusa
Arei Moon
Jon Mullens – steal
Jacob Miller

Team Legend:
Joanna Serenko – steal
Mike Jerel
Mandi Castillo
Darious Lyles
Zan Fiskum
Thunderstorm Artis

Next week the knockout rounds begin with mega mentor James Taylor – the original JT.