The blind auditions are over and the teams are filled; now it’s time for the battles to begin on “The Voice”.

Forty artists will compete in 20 battles for a chance to make it to the next round of the competition. And to help the coaches get their teams ready, they called in some help from celebrity mentors.

In a new set of rules, the coaches get a chance to steal a singer before their coach can save them. Also new this season is each coach will save one singer and those singers will compete against each other for one spot.

Up first is Blake with Bebe Rexha as his celebrity mentor. A pop singer, Rexha had a big hit with the duo Florida Georgia Line. First up are Joei and Todd with the Tina Turner hit “The Best” and brought the coaches to their feet. John said that the song fit both singers perfectly; adding that they were fantastic. Nick compared the performance to 10 shots of caffeine; adding it was a fun and perfect routine. Kelly called the performance killer. Blake said that both singers deserve to be there. Rolling the dice, Blake chose Joei as the winner of the battle. As Todd was walking off the stage, Kelly pushed her button to steal at the same time Blake pushed to save Todd.

With some help from British pop star Dua Lipa, Kelly paired Anaya and Chelle to perform a Duo Lipa song. John said that both girls are excellent singers. Kelly said that both singers were really great. Kelly chose Anaya as the winner of the battle. No one chose to steal Chelle.

Nick chose brought his brothers Joe and Kevin to help out with the singers. Nick chose to pair Joanna and Roderick for a performance of “When the Party’s Ove” by Billie Eilish and brought the coaches to their feet. Kelly called it her favourite battle; adding that Nick created a masterpiece. Blake said that he was a fan of both singers. John noted that the song had range and grace; saying that they showed. Saying that he was in a tough position, Nick chose Roderick as the winner of the battle. John pushed his button to use his one steal on Joanna.

Nick got some help from R&B artist Ella Mai to help with his singers. He chose to pair Mike Jerel and Zach Day for a battle of the Miguel song “Adorn”. The guys had the crowd clapping along and John out of his chair grooving. Nick called it a true battle; adding that was exhilarating to watch. Kelly noted that they both had confidence and were gifted. Blake noted that neither one of them messed up. John said that the guys delivered the song. John chose Mike Jerel as the winner of the battle. No one stole Zach.

Blake paired Levi and Jamal for a battle of “Counting Stars” by One Republic. Jamal said that he and Levi sang together in warm ups before the auditions. The guys brought the coaches to their feet. John said that they were so fun to watch. Nick was kind of mad, wondering why Levi wasn’t on his team. Fourteen year old Levi is a type one diabetic, and Nick is also a type one diabetic. Kelly called the performance adventurous. Blake noted a few pitch issues with Jamal, but he was impressed with Levi. Blake chose Levi as the winner of the battle.

Nick is known for making notes during performances, Blake gave Nick a note book with “Nick’s Notes” on it.

In the final battle of the night, Nick…and brothers…paired Michael and Allegra for a battle of “How Will I Know?”. In rehearsals, Nick noted that the duo sounded like they had been singing together for years. Kelly said that it was so good and a great pairing. Blake called it a killer duet performance. John said that it was lovely to watch; adding that he got some Nick vibes from Michael. Nick said from the moment he first heard them sing he was blown away; adding that they made the song their own. Nick chose Allegra as the winner of the battle. Nick pushed his button to save Michael.

Four way knockout save:
Todd Michael Hall
Michael Williams

Team Blake:
Joei Fulco
Levi Watkins

Team Kelly:
Anaya Cheyenne

Team Nick:
Roderick Chambers
Allegra Miles

Team Legend:
Joanna Serenko – steal
Mike Jerel