The outbreak of the corona virus has upended sporting and entertainment events the world over.

While some sporting leagues hare holding events sans the fans. While NASCAR has not banned the fans, they have issued a statement on new restrictions at the track beginning with the race this weekend in Atlanta.

Medical facilities at a NASCAR event can rival any hospital. Their infield care centers are prepared to handle any emergency. That medical staff has just gotten a little bigger with the addition of infectious disease specialist. The new doctor will be on hand to offer technical assistance and to help in creating policy when needed. NASCAR will take all precautions and will follow CDC guidelines when it comes to anyone suspected of catching the virus.

NASCAR has always been a fan friendly sport that allows the fans to freely interact with the drivers and teams; that policy will change until the current health crisis has passed. Access to the teams and drivers will be restricted; as well as, dignitaries and officials.

All meetings between drivers and crew chiefs and track services will be held in open air locations. Events involving drivers should be held in an open air environment where they can be easily seen by fans.

It is recommended that drivers carry their own sharpies for autographs, pre-autograph items when possible, and make the hero cards the primary autographed item.

Close access to drivers during introductions will no longer be permitted – a six foot buffer will be erected between drivers and fans at the introduction stage and at the starting grid.

Via a statement, NASCAR said, “the health, safety and well-being of our industry, employees, media, fans and everyone associated with our events remains our top priority. We will remain diligent as we actively monitor this situation with medical experts and health officials.”