It’s night four of the Blind Auditions on “The Voice” and Anaya Cheyenne gets the show started off with her version of “I’ll Never Love Again”. It was at the end of the song when Blake and Kelly push their buttons together. Nick called Anaya’s performance impressive. Kelly noted that Anaya had an incredible range, but felt she could work with her on technique. Blake called her performance unreal. Anaya chose Kelly to be her coach.

Blake leads the way with six artists on his team with Kelly, Nick, and John each having five artists on their teams. This season the coaches are only allowed to pick 10 singers for their teams instead of the 12 from past seasons.

Mandi Thomas gave a bilingual performance of “Time to Say Goodbye” and it didn’t take long for Kelly to push her button and then stand for the performance. Nick said that he didn’t know anything about opera but had goosebumps. Mandi is a classically trained singer who has been singing since she was eleven. Kelly has been looking for an opera singer.

John noted that he has all guys on his team; and Kelly added that she has all girls.

Ari Tibi comes from an artistic family, her mother is a French teacher and her father is a film composer. Ari is currently is an all girl band. Ari failed to turn any chairs. Blake said that it was disappointing; adding that they were so close. John liked the ending; calling it powerful and told her to come back. Nick noted that it was the song choice. Kelly said that there were moments.

Playing the guitar, Jacob Miller performed the Bob Dylan song “The Times They are A Changing”. Kelly and Blake pushed their buttons together, and then Nick added his name to the list. Nick said that Jacob’s voice is incredible. Jacob is a big fan of music from the 1920’s; adding that he loves ragtime. Kelly is interested in seeing how she could take a modern song and put Jacob’s old time music spin on it. Blake noted that Jacob’s style needs to be protected. Nick said that he would be excited to spend some time with Jacob; including a collaboration with The Jonas Brothers. Saying that is a tough call, Jacob chose Nick to be his coach.

Jon Mullins chose “Don’t Give Up on Me” for his audition and had Blake turning his chair early in the performance. A surprised Blake ran up and hugged Jon; calling it his greatest coaching day on the show. Kelly said that Jon has a big voice; adding that he is gifted. Nick said that Jon has an enormous voice and if he gets the chance he will steal Jon. Jon called Blake the king.

Jacob Daniel Murphy got Blake to turn his chair at the last moment. Nick was shocked; adding that he messed up. John said that the quality of Jacob’s voice is exceptional. Blake didn’t think he would ever get Jacob and felt like he was robbing a bank when no one else turned their chair.

Zan Fiskum sees “The Voice” as her chance to step out on her own. And she didn’t have to wait long before Nick pushed his button. John followed shortly thereafter. Kelly made it a three chair turn near the end of the song. Calling the performance beautiful, Blake said that Zan deserved a four chair turn and he messed it up. John said that Zan has a beautiful tone. Nick commended Zan for stepping out on her own; adding that she left him speechless. Kelly said that Zan has an amazing gift and a quality you can’t teach. In his first turn of the day, Zan chose John to be her coach.

Chan Fuze has been playing music on stage since he was a teen. At six feet 10 inches, Chan stands out on stage. But he failed to turn any chairs. Blake felt that there was too much emphasis on the dance moves instead of the singing. The coaches felt that the falsetto needed a little work. Kelly said that this environment isn’t quite right for Chan but he belongs in the rock world.

Calling himself a singing dinosaur, 40 year old Roderick Chambers has been singing most of his life. He chose “Back to One” by Brian McKnight for his audition and had Nick turning his chair very quickly…and then singing and dancing along. While Kelly said that she loved the song and John was grooving along, they did not turn their chairs. John noted that Roderick sounded like Nick.

Jules began playing at six, writing at 10, and performing at 12…she is now 15. Blake and Kelly waited until the end of the song before pushing their buttons. Nick said that it was a great performance; noting she took a risk doing her own arrangement of the song. Kelly noted that Jules has some Celine Dion control going. Blake was impressed with Jules’ arrangement of the song; adding he thinks she can make it to the finals. Saying that she loved them both, Jules chose Kelly to be her coach.

Jared Harper is deaf in his right ear, but has been playing music a long time. He chose the Rolling Stones hit “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” for his audition. John was rocking in his chair but did not push his button. Jared did not get any chairs to turn. John said that Jared has a cool tone but noted that there were some pitch issues. Nick said that he was desperate to spin. Blake thought the gravely sound was cool, but agreed with John on the pitch issues; adding that Jared seemed a bit restricted.

The teams are close to being filled and the coaches are getting very picky with their choices.

Michael Williams comes from a sports family but chose music over sports after a medical issue as a child. Michael had to wait until the end of the song before Nick pushed his button. After turning, Kelly said that he was so cute; adding that he looked like a young Tom Cruise. Kelly said that she loved Michael’s voice; adding he has an incredible gift. Nick noted that he finally understood what Blake was saying that it’s their job to coach the singers; adding that he can’t wait to coach Michael.

In the final audition of the night, Mike Jerel got Nick and John to hit their buttons after three words of “It’s a Man’s World”. Kelly came next a bit later and finally Blake made it the first four chair turn of the night. Kelly said that Mike set the room on fire. He grew up performing in retirement communities with has grandma. John said that every note was played with confidence. Kelly said that Mike was very talented. Blake thought that Mike was a girl; noting that Mike was singing notes that were incredible. Blake said that Mike is going to blow people away every time he sings. Nick noted that if he were Mike, he would go with John but wouldn’t it be nice to choose the unexpected coach. John said that Mike has the ability to win the show. Mom came out and said John should be the coach. Mike followed Mom’s advice and chose John to be his coach.

John has seven singers on his team; while the remaining coaches – Kelly, Blake, and Nick – have eight singers on their teams.

The Teams:
Team Blake:

Levi Watkins
Todd Michael Hall
Todd Tilghman
Toneisha Harris
Joei Fulco
Jamal Corrie
Jon Mullins
Jacob Daniel Murphy

Team Kelly:
Megan Danielle
Tayler Green
Sara Collins
Samantha Howell
Anaya Cheyenne
Mandi Thomas

Team Legend:
Darious Lyles
Nelson Cade, III
Zach Day
Thunderstorm Artis
Zan Fiskum
Mike Jerel

Team Nick:
Arei Moon
Joanna Serenko
Tate Brusa
Allegra Miles
Samuel Wilco
Jacob Miller
Roderick Chambers
Michael Williams