As week two of the blind auditions begin on “The Voice”, Blake leads the way with four singers on his team; while Kelly, Nick, and John each have three singers on their teams.

Virgin Islands native Allegra Miles gets rounds three of the blind auditions started with her version of “Use Somebody” as she plays the piano. Kelly got the chair turns started and Nick followed later. John said part of him is kicking himself; adding that she has an interesting tone. Kelly said that Allegra has a cool artistic approach; adding that she is a fan. Nick said that Allegra sounded incredible. Blake said that Allegra has an incredible head voice. Saying that it was hard, Allegra chose Nick to be her coach.

Camwes has grown up watching “The Voice” and now he is on “The Voice” stage for his own audition with a song by The Weeknd. John didn’t wait long to turn his chair; Blake waited until the very end of the song to turn his chair. Kelly said that she can’t wait to see what Camwest will do with John. The coaches sang “Happy Birthday” to Cam – he is turning 22. John noted that Cam came in with his own style and will be a force to be reckoned with on the show. Blake noted that everybody expects Cam to pick John; adding that he would love to be Cam’s coach and take him to the finals. Saying that he is blushing and he can’t even blush, Cam chose John to be his coach.

Joei Fulco chose the Cher hit “Gypsies, Tramps, and Theives” for her audition. Blake took a while before pushing his button and when Nick tried pushing his, he found that Blake had blocked him. Kelly said that Joel had an old soul sound. John said that Joel has a super cool tone. Blake said that the Cher sound in her voice is what got him.

Kelly is the only coach to still have her block.

Sara Collins got Kelly and Nick to turn their chairs. John said that she had a cool tone but he heard some pitch issues. Blake agreed about the pitch issues. Nick called it a phenomenal performance; adding that some of his favourite people to write for are country artists. Saying that she is a fan, Kelly asked if Sara is performing and Sara said she has performed at Blake’s club. Kelly said that she loves country music. Saying that both artists are a big part of her childhood, Sara chose Kelly to be her coach.

On the show to sing, Clerida is also a cello player and she will be playing the cello in her audition. She chose the Corine Bailey Rae song “Put Your Records On” – a song Nick was singing just before Clerida came out. She couldn’t get anyone to turn their chairs. Nick called it a unique performance style, but wasn’t quite there for him. Kelly called the auditon really cool. John said that she has the tools. Blake said to come back and just give them her voice.

Samantha Howell is hoping that Nick will turn his chair for her. Kelly turned her chair right away, telling John to go for it Blake pushed his button but Kelly had blocked him. Nick also turned his chair so Nick and Kelly will be battling it out again. Kelly pointed out that she only gets one block and she used it on Sam. Nick said that Sam is phenomenal. Nick tries to talk, but Kelly keeps interfering. Nick said that Sam brought back memories of his first dance with his wife at their their wedding. John said that he wasn’t going to show any bias. Blake noted that the show is based on voting and coaching; adding that one of the biggest groups in the world right now is a group called The Jonas Brothers. Kelly is showing off the jacket she gives her team members. Samantha chose Kelly to be her coach.

Saying that he has done about 10,000 hours of performing, Jamal Corrie uses his street performing money to support the family; now he is ready to go up to the next step. He has never performed inside and performed for thousands (millions) of people. Blake pushes his button for Jamal. Kelly said that felt like Jamal wasn’t all in. John said that Jamal has a lovely voice; adding that he thought Jamal was a little unsure. Blake said that he believes in Jamal and feels that he has the talent.

Ruby G performs with a Hip-Hop band in New York City, but does not rap. She is hoping launch a solo career beginning with “The Voice”. She failed to turn any chairs but had John grooving a bit. Noting that it is a tough song to do on the show, John said it didn’t showcase her voice. Nick agreed that the issue was song choice; adding that he does believe in her and asked her to come back.

Army officer Samuel Wilco is currently stationed in Ft. Knox and won a singing competition in the Army. He will be retiring next year after 20 years and have plenty of time to entertain America. Samuel had to wait until near the end of the song before Kelly and Nick pushed their buttons. As they were clapping the chairs turned back around. Kelly said that she loves artists who know how to send the message; adding that she loved his voice. Nick called the performance unbelievable; adding that they need a voice like that in the competition. Nick thanked Sam for his service. John said that Sam would do a fantastic job on the show. Blake noted that his brother was stationed at Ft Knox; adding that Sam is more than ready for this moment. Samuel noted that it is his wife’s favourite show; adding that he likes Kelly but his kids love Nick and he chose Nick to be his coach.

Blues man Hawk McIntyre is looking to turn a chair and learn from one of the coaches. Despite a great performance, he failed to turn any chairs. Kelly said that it felt like a Texas bar but wanted to hear a little more upper range. Nick agreed with Kelly; adding that Hawk is very talented. Blake noted the song didn’t allow them to know him as a singer. John noted that the performance didn’t have enough wow power.

In the final performance of the night, Hawaiian born singer Thunderstorm Artis is one of eleven kids and comes from a musical family. Thunder chose “Blackbird” for his audition and had Kelly, Nick, and John pushing their buttons together quickly; and Blake made it the first four chair turn of the day. Thunder had the coaches on their feet during his performance. “That is what this show is all about,” Nick said, adding that the performance was incredible. Kelly loves his name; adding that he could win the competition. Kelly said that she would listen to Thunderstorm’s record right now. Blake congratulated Thunderstorm on his performance; adding that it sounded like a prerecorded performance. Noting that he is stingy about turning around, John called the performance magical. Thunderstorm chose John to be his coach.

Host Carson Daly called it one of the best auditions he has ever seen.

The Teams:
Team Blake:
Levi Watkins
Todd Michael Hall
Todd Tilghman
Toneisha Harris
Joei Fulco
Jamal Corrie

Team Kelly:
Megan Danielle
Tayler Green
Sara Collins
Samantha Howell

Team Legend:
Darious Lyles
Nelson Cade, III
Zach Day
Thunderstorm Artis

Team Nick:
Arei Moon
Joanna Serenko
Tate Brusa
Allegra Miles
Samuel Wilco