Over the past couple of seasons the western New York amusement park Fantasy Island has had its share of issues from the closure of park activities to broken rides. Park visitors also found a number of the concession stands closed.

On February 19, park owners the Apex Park Group have announced that the park has been closed down permanently closed.

Fantasy Island marketing director Doug Mandell said that despite spending millions of dollars in renovations and upgrades, the park has not seen any “improvement in operating results”. He added that the decision to close the park was a difficult one that was not made lightly.

Park officials have not yet revealed how they will handle refunds for season ticket holders.

Mandell noted that the company is “working to minimize impact to those affected.”

Apex plans on selling the rides from the park that opened on Grand Island – an island in the Niagara River between Buffalo and Niagara Falls – in 1961.