Andy Gill, the guitarist for Gang of Four, died February 1, 2020 in London at the age of 64 after a brief respiratory illness.

Members of the British punk band noted that Gill was listening to mixes for the upcoming record and planning the next tour from his hospital bed.

As a record producer, he worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Jesus Lizard, the Stranglers, and Killing Joke.

Gang of Four never topped the charts, but their music did become cult classics.

The Manchester native once noted that as a child, Jimi Hendrix was a big obsession.

Forming in Leeds in 1976, band members began to leave the band in 1982 and by the 90’s Gill was the only original band member touring under the name Gang of Four.

Current Gang of Four members John Stery, Thomas McNeice, and Tobias Humble spoke on Gill saying, “we’ll remember him for his kindness and generosity, his fearsome intelligence, bad jokes, mad stories and endless cups of Darjeeling tea. He just so happened to be a bit of a genius too.”

Gill is survived by his wife Catherine.


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