The Hall of Fame metal band Black Sabbath have packed up their microphones and put away the suitcases, but they still have something special to offer fans.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary release of the album “Black Sabbath”, the band has teamed up with the listening service Pitchback Playback to offer a unique listening experience of the album.

On February 11 atNumber 10 in Hackney (London), Pitchback is offering two sessions for fans to listen to the album…in the dark!

The album will be played using MQA high definition audio. As for offering the listening party in the dark, organizers say, “the most immersive, detailed, and visceral sound experience possible.”

Tickets are £9.00 each and available on the Pitchback Playback website – Pitchback asks that attendees please be on time because once the album begins, no one will be allowed into the venue.