NASCAR driver Brendan Gaughan has been driving cars…and trucks…for a long time. Each year there is much speculation as to whether Gaughan would make it “one more year”.

On January 27, Gaughan made the announcement about his future…or at least the near future.

This year – 2020 – will be Brendan Gaughan’s 24th and final year in NASCAR. He has planned to run only four races during the season – the four Super Speedway races in Daytona and Talladega.

The Las Vegas native will be driving for Beard Motorsports in the number 62 car with Beard Oil Distributing, South Point Hotel & Casino, and City Lights Shine will sponsor the car.

A small family owned team, Gaughan has spent the past few years with the team. “I love racing, and competing with Beard Motorsports these last few years have made for some of my most enjoyable moments in NASCAR,” Gaughan said. He added, “I wouldn’t want my last races as a NASCAR driver to be with any other team. Mark Beard Sr., and his entire family are passionate about racing, and NASCAR in particular. We’re all competitive and want to perform, but we’re going to have fun doing it. That’s how we all got started in the sport – because it was fun. And as I wrap up my career, I’m going to make sure it stays fun.”