Folk artist David Olney died January 18 as the result of a heart attack at the age of 71. Olney was performing on stage at the 30A Songwriters Festival in Santa Rosa, Florida when he collapsed.

Olney has written songs that were recorded by numerous artists including Linda Ronstadt, Steve Young, Del McCourny, Steve Earle, and Emmylou Harris. His subject matter ventured far from the boy loves girl, girl loves boy, girl leaves boy type of songs.

He was born March 23, 1948 in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Olney has called Nashville home since 1973. He studied English Literature at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

In the 1980’s he formed the rock band called The X-Rays but went out on his own as a solo artist in 1986. Onley has recorded over two dozen albums in his musical career.

Olney is survived by his wife Regine, and children Lillian and Redding.

David Olney discography:
“Contender (& X Rays)”
“Eye to the Storm”
“Deeper Well”
“Top to Bottom”
“Ache of Longing”
“Live in Holland”
“High Wide and Lonesome”
“Real Lies”
“Through a Glass Darkly”
“Ghosts in the Wind”
“Omar’s Blues”
“Women Across the River”
“The Wheel”
“Border Crossing”
“One Tough Town”
“Illegal Cargo”
“Live at Norm’s River Roadhouse, Vol. 1”
“Dutchman’s Curve”
“Robbery & Murder”
“This Side of the Other”
“Sweet Poison”
“When the Deal Goes Down”
“The Stone”
“Predicting the Past: Introducing AmericanaMusic, Vol. 2 – Rootsy Approved”
“Holiday in Holland”
“Film Noir”
“Don’t Try to Fight It”


feature photo credit: taken from David Olney’s Facebook page