After the president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame David Baker surprised NFL coaches Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson on the sets of their NFL pre-game activities with the news that they are among the newest list of Hall of Fame members, the remaining members of the Hall of Fame Centennial Class have been announced.

Celebrating 100 years of professional football, the Centennial Slate class runs deep with history and stars of the sport.

The 15 member Centennial Slate class features 10 players from every decade from the 20’s to the 80’s, three non player contributors, and two coaches.

Included in that history is Duke Slater. It took baseball until the 1940’s before anything other than a white man was allowed on the playing field. Among the first players of the game – he played even before it had the name NFL – Duke Slater was one of five African-American players when the league began in the 20’s.

Among the non contributors is Steve Sabol, the man who created NFL Films with his father Ed. NFL Films has gone on to win 100 Emmy Awards – 35 of those going to Steve Sabol. Steve now joins his father Ed as members of the Hall of Fame.

The Centennial Slate Class NFL Hall of Fame members:

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher
Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson
NFL Film creator Steve Sabol
former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue
General Manager George Young
Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Harold Carmichael
Chicago Bears tackle Jim Covert
Green Bay Packers safety Bobby Dillon
Dallas Cowboys safety Cliff Harris
New York Jets and Los Angeles Rams tackle Winston Hill
Detroit Lions defensive tackle Alex Karras
Pittsburgh Steelers safety Donnie Shell
Milwaukee Badgers, Rock Island Independents, and Chicago Cardinals tackle Duke Slater
Cleveland Browns end Mac Speedie
Chicago Bears defensive end, linebacker, and end Ed Sprinkle