There is an expression that everything old is new again. Well, that certainly is the case for Brooke Annibale who has taken her 2010 song “Under Streetlights” and recorded it into an acoustic song.

The song was written in the Alps, and now Brooke has planned a trip to Europe for her first European tour.

Brooke Annibale tour dates:
April 15 at the Cinetol in Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 16 at the Merleyn in Nijmegen, Netherlands
April 17 at the Wohngemeinschaft in Cologne, Germany
April 18 at a House Concert in Rodenberg, Germany
April 19 at the Auster Club in Berlin, Germany
April 22 at Le Lardin Bavarois in Laval, France
April 23 at La Cohpine in Fontenay-le-Comte, France
April 24 at La Grange du Pavail in St.-Aubin-du-Pavail, France
April 25 at a House Concert in Mellionnec, France
April 26 at the Bistrot Cocagne in Rennes, France
April 29 at the Railway in Winchester, UK