While Washington, DC tries to vilify the poorest members of a community – the homeless; others are putting forth efforts to give them a hand by providing the basic necessities of life.

Each winter organizations offer up hats, gloves, and sometimes coats; but they ignore basic items like socks, underwear, personal items, and even baby diapers.

Seeing a need not being filled, western New York drummer Will Schulmeister created the non profit charity Western New York Drummers for Homeless People.

With the help of his band mates in Under Arrest and more than 30 western Mew York drummers, Will has held drives for essential items and money – which he uses to buy more necessities.

Among the fundraisers was a baby diaper driver last April. On April 19, Will and his Drummers for Homeless People are holding the second annual Diaper Drive at the Sportsman’s Tavern – 326 Amherst St in Buffalo – from 1 to 5pm. Joining Will and Under Arrest are Amanda Ozark, Rabbit Jaw, and Nashville Country artist JB Aaron.

Admission to the event is either a box of baby diapers or $10 for a full afternoon of music, food, and laughter.

On March 12 the Drummers for Homeless People have joined forces with Salvatore’s Restaurant – 6461 Transit Road in Buffalo – for Burgers and Blues – from 4:30 to 11:30pm. AJ Tetzlaff will be providing the music with 20 percent of the burger sales going to the charity.

And still in the planning stages, Drummers for Homeless People, Sisters on a Mission (Alzheimer’s Disease), and Bridget’s Battle (Breast Cancer) will join together on June 28 at The Cove for a big fundraising event.

Economic circumstances often dictate our lives and sometimes those circumstances leave people without a place to call home. Will Schulmeister’s Western New York Drummers for Homeless People offers a little humanitarian aid and one less thing to worry over by providing a few of the basic essential in life.

For more information about the Western New York Drummers for Homeless People, go to:https://www.facebook.com/WNY-Drummers-For-Homeless-People-3872906362728631/


feature photo credit: taken from the Western New York Drummers for Homeless People Facebook page.