It is fitting that a local band provide the music for a documentary film a out their homeland. The internationally recognized band Sigur Ros has provided the soundtrack behind the film “Hlemmur” and is offering it up as a limited edition vinyl release. Sigur Ros composed the music for the film that was released in 2002.

Preciously available on CD and DVD, the band is offering the soundtrack on vinyl for the first time. The package is listed at $80 and is available on the Sigur Ros website at

The documentary follows the sometimes chaotic lives of some homeless residents in Reykjavik who call the central bus station home.

The two disc set also includes a hardback book which is numbered. The sets are limited to only 2002 copies. The packages are expected to be delivered in January.

Sigur Ros is donating 10 percent of each sale to the Icelandic organization Loftur Gunnarsson Foundation – an organization who assists people who are homeless.

The organization is named after a man who was homeless and died at the age of 32 due to a lack of the necessary medical assistance.

To learn more a out the organization, go to