Recently the company that keeps track of concert ticket sales and the like, Pollstar, named British pop singer Ed Sheeran the highest grossing artist for a single tour. In fact, Sheeran got his name added to the Guinness Book of World Records for the accomplishment.

Now Pollstar has has announced another major concert feat…that of the Irish rock band U2 the Artist of the Decade. Up until Ed Sheeran’s record breaking tour, it was U2 who sat atop the concert tour list.

When the decade began back in 2010, the lads were in the middle of their 360 tour and after the tour ended in 2011 they took a four year break before hitting the road again.

And even with taking years off, U2 stands alone atop the list as the Artist of the Decade with $1.038 BILLION in gross ticket sales and over nine million tickets sold; and that isn’t even counting their current “Joshua Tree” tour!

And in all that time, the band still includes all four original band members.

Over the course of their 30 plus year career, U2 has played before more than 21 million fans, more than the population of some countries.