The Hard Rock Cafe was rocking on October 19 when the Misfit Toys rolled in for a night of music from the nineties and 2000’s with a few classic tunes thrown in.


Taking their name from the animated holiday special “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, the Niagara Falls band features multiple singer which allows them to do a wide variety of songs.

With Cass on the drums keeping the boys on the beat the night of music opened with “Machinehead”. Channeling her inner Grace Slick, Cass sang “White Rabbit” and noted that since they were in the Hard Rock Cafe there was no more appropriate band to cover than KISS and they performed “Detroit Rock City”.

The set list also included “Drive”, “Aerials”, “Creep”, “Evenflow”, “Are You Going My Way”, “Higher”, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”, “Short Skirt Long Jacket”, “Perfect Strangers” and “That Song”.

In the days before streaming and digital music, fans would buy a whole album and sometime they would buy the album just for THAT ONE SONG!, and of course, when seeing the band live, those fans would always hope the artists would play THAT SONG. The band Big Wreck has written a song title “That Song”.

The house full of Misfit Toys fans rocked all night long singing and dancing along; and they screamed for more even as the band began packing up for the night.