Southern Rockers Molly Hatchet are releasing a new album and a tour.

The album is a live double album called “Battleground” on November 29 and the tour is on now. The album is a mix of performances in Pratteln, Switzerland, in Ludwigsburg, Germany, and during the band’s 40th anniversary tour in the U.S.

And the band has a new singer, Jimmy Elkins. Elkins is taking over for Phil McCormack who died earlier this year.

Molly Hatchet tour dates:
Oct 19 at the Palm Bay Harley Davidson in Palm Bay, FL
Oct 31 at the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, IA
Nov 2 at the Diamond Jo Casino and Resort in Dubuque, IA
Nov 7 at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA
Nov 8 at The Canyon in Monclair, CA
Nov 9 at The Canyon in Agoura Hills, CA
Nov 10 at The Canyon in Santa Clarita, CA
Nov 15 at the Space Coast Daily Part in Viera, FL
Nov 16 at Jessie’s Concert Venue in Winter Haven, FL
Nov 17 at the Performing Arts Center in Venice, FL
Nov 20 at Jergels Rhythm Room in Warrendale, PA
Nov 21 at XL Live in Harrisburg, PA
Nov 22 at the Madlife Stage & Studios in Woodstock, GA
Dec 6 at the Roxy in Fensburg, Germany
Dec 7 at the Werkhof in Lubeck, Germany
Dec 8 at the Downtown Blues Club in Hamburg, Germany
Dec 10 at the Meiserfrie in Dremen, Germany
Dec 11 at the Turock in Essen, Germany
Dec 12 at the Kubana in Siegburg, Germany
Dec 13 at Iduna in Drachten, Netherlands
Dec 14 at Rex in Bernsheim, Germany
Dec 15 at Kreuz in Obemarchtal, Germany
Dec 17 at 27 in Pretteln, Switzerland
Dec 18 at Hirsch in Nurmberg, Germay
Dec 19 at Backstage in Munich, Germany
Dec 20 at Kulturbastion in Torgau, Germany
Dec 12 at Spectrum in Augsburg, Germany