Classical music is filled with Symphonies, Sonatas, Concertos, Overtures, and Suites that have been written for whole orchestras, pianos, violins, and sometimes cellos. But it is a rare thing indeed to find a piece of any kind, especially a Concerto, written for percussion.

Over the centuries composers have found inspiration for their works from all manner of things, but never climate change…until now.

Commissioned by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, “Losing Earth” makes its world premiere October 17-19 in San Francisco with SFSO principal percussionist Jake Nissly performing the Adam Schoenberg composition.

Percussion instruments have been around since the beginning of time, this an article on climate change, and thinking of his small children growing up in an increasingly hotter environment all went into Schoenberg’s mind as he worked on creating his Concerto.

While not wanting to give anything about the piece away, Nissly says that concert goers will leave the concert hall humming the tune.