Leah Remini returns to the Ballroom this week on “Dancing with the Stars” to join Len, Bruno, and Carrie Ann at the judge’s table as ABC celebrates “Cast from the Past Week”.

First up are Sean and Lindsay with a Paso Doble. Len said that while not great technically, Sean attacked the dance. Bruno said that Sean isn’t quite Antonio Bandaras yet but he took the bull by the horns. Carrie Ann loved Sean’s arms but cautioned him on his lack of passion. Leah noted that while it was clear that Sean is not a dancer, he is committed and gives his best. Sean and Lindsay scored 26 points for their dance.

Ally and Sasha take on the Jive to “Proud Mary”. Bruno was tingling with delight, calling it a diva Jive taking command of the stage. Carrie Ann called the performance amazing; adding that she nailed it. Leah noted that it was a difficult routine but Ally did amazing. Len was proud of watching the dance; adding that it was very good. Ally and Sasha scored 32 points for their dance.

Kel and Witney dance a Cha Cha after being saved last week by Len when no one went home. Witney brought in Kel’s family for a visit during rehearsals this week. An excited Carrie Ann said that is what she was waiting for; adding that it was well done. Leah said that Kel was wonderful to watch; adding that he owned it. Noting that Kel has been under the radar for the past three weeks, but not tonight. Bruno said that Kel had the Cha Cha in his pocket with great hip action and musicality. Kel and Witney scored 32 points for their dance.

Kate and Pasha perform an Argentine Tango. Leah said that Kate has amazing energy. Len noted that last week was fantastic but she appeared to struggle with the character this week. Bruno said that Kate went for it but lost her balance and smoothness of the dance. Carrie Ann said that the way Kate used the floor was amazing but felt that Kate also struggled with the passion of the dance. Erin loved the dance. Kate and Pasha scored 26 points for their dance.

James and Emma dance a Quickstep to “Walking on Sunshine” after learning last week that his wife is pregnant. The father of five revealed that they have previously suffered three miscarriages. After congratulating James, Len called James a terrific dancer. Len wanted more in hold but said that the dance had lots of clever choreography. Bruno said that James is a great storyteller when he dances but agrees with Len. Carrie Ann said that it was a great routine but it was a bit out of sync. Leah said that James had been solid all season and amazing from day one. Erin congratulated James in the news. James and Emma scored 28 points for their dance.

Hannah and Alan took on the Paso Doble after visiting a rage room to learn how to release some aggression. Standing Bruno said that the sexy beast is out of the cage; adding that the dance started magnificently and drop dead gorgeous. Carrie Ann noted that there was a huge difference this week. Leah said that it was amazing. Len noted that Hannah showed the aggression but she also had control. Hannah and Alan scored 32 points for their dance.

Lamar and Peta take on the Viennese Waltz to “Kiss from a Rose” after being saved last week. Peta brought in Lamar’s children Destiny and Lamar Jr for a visit this week. Lamar and Peta received a standing ovation for their dance. Carrie Ann noted that it takes a lot of courage to come out and dance; adding that Lamar touched her heart. An emotional Leah noted how hard it has been for Lamar. Len noted that there is a gentleness about Lamar and he is doing a great job. Bruno said that the connection with Peta was amazing. Lamar and Peta scored 20 points for their dance.

Sailor and Val danced a Cha Cha to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. DWTS champ Rumer Willis came to visit Sailor during rehearsals this week and offered a little help. Leah said that Sailor makes her smile. Len called it another terrific performance that was very well executed. Bruno said that Sailor’s light is shining brighter every week. Carrie Ann agreed with her fellow judges. Sailor and Val scored 31 points for their dance.

Lauren and Gleb danced a countrified Foxtrot to “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. Len said that it was very nice. Bruno called it a classy Foxtrot. Carrie Ann said that it was Lauren’s dance; adding she told a beautiful story. Leah loved it. Lauren and Gleb scored 32 for their dance.

Karamo and Jenna perform the final dance of the night with a Tango to “Old Town Road” by Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X. Jenna took Karamo horseback riding this week before hitting the dance floor. Karamo was very excited after the dance. Bruno said that Karamo really turned on the leading man mode and had no mistakes tonight. Carrie Ann called it her favourite dance of Karamo, but she called Jenna out for being on Karamo’s shoulders at the start of the dance. Leah said that Karamo owned it tonight. Len really liked part of Karamo’s footwork – he kept being interrupted by Leah -; adding that he wasn’t sure what his score would be. Bruno stepped in and said that Len is a professional dancer and deserves to have his opinion heard. Karamo and Jenna scored 28 points for their dance…and Carrie Ann docked a point for the “lift”.

Cast from the Past Week scores:
Lamar and Peta – 20
Sean and Lindsay – 26
Kate and Pasha – 26
James and Emma – 28
Karamo and Jenna – 28
Sailor and Val – 31
Ally and Sasha – 32
Kel and Witney – 32
Hannah and Alan – 32
Lauren and Gleb – 32

Movie Night scores:
Lamar and Peta – 12
Sean and Lindsay – 15
Karamo and Jenna – 16
Lauren and Gleb – 20
Kel and Witney – 20
Hannah and Alan – 21
James and Emma – 23
Sailor and Val – 23
Ally and Sasha – 24
Kate and Pasha – 24

Total scores:
Lamar and Peta – 12 + 20 = 32
Sean and Lindsay – 15 + 26 = 41
Karamo and Jenna – 16 + 28 = 44
Kate and Pasha – 24 + 26 = 50
James and Emma – 23 + 28 = 51
Kel and Witney – 20 + 32 = 52
Lauren and Gleb – 20 + 32 = 52
Hannah and Alan – 21 + 32 = 53
Sailor and Val – 23 + 31 = 54
Ally and Sasha – 24 + 32 = 56

And now the results…
After combining the scores from the past two weeks and the judge’s scores…
Kel and Witney are safe
Hannah and Alan are safe
Sailor and Val are safe
James and Emma are safe
Ally and Sasha are safe
Lauren and Gleb are safe
Kate and Pasha are safe
and Sean and Lindsay are safe

Lamar and Peta and Karamo and Jenna are the bottom two couples.
Carrie Ann saved Karamo and Jenna
Bruno saved Karamo and Jenna
not needed but Len would have saved Karamo and Jenna

Lamar and Peta have been eliminated from the competition.

Next week it’s on to Disneyland!