It’s Movie Night on “Dancing with the Stars” with the eleven remaining couples will dance to music from the movies.

The night of dancing begins with a group performance to the theme from “Fame”.

Lauren Alaina and Gleb dance tot he music of “Pretty Woman”. Gleb takes Lauren to see the film before they get to work on the their Tango. Len was a little disappointed – many boos – because he liked the movie uniform he was wearing. Len said that Lauren’s Tango was excellent with great attitude. Bruno called it a full throttle racy Tango; adding that she needs to work on her transitions. Carrie Ann loved the confidence but said Lauren needs to work on her musicality. Lauren and Gleb scored 20 points for their Tango.

Next up are Hannah and Alan danced a Rumba to the music of “Bridesmaids”. Bruno called Hannah a wonderful lyrical dancer but she needed to use the floor more. Agreeing with Bruno, Carrie Ann said that there was no hip action; saying that it looked more like a cheer leading dance. Len said that Hannah has beautiful musicality but needed more more movement below the waist. Hannah and Alan scored 21 points for their Rumba.

Karamo and Jenna danced a Jive to the music of Sir Elton John and “Rocketman” with “I’m Still Standing”. Karamo said that “I’m Still Standing” is the story of his life. Bruno was in the original video for the song. Carrie Ann said that it wasn’t the greatest; adding that Karamo comes out and entertains. Len liked that Karamo didn’t mess about but came out started the dance; adding that he liked the mix of steps in the dance. Bruno said that Karamo went off like a rocket; adding that Karamo has great potential. Karamo and Jenna scored 16 points for their Jive.

Ally and Sasha dance a Rumba to the music of “Selina”. Ally takes Sasha back to Texas to meet her family. Len enjoyed the performance; adding that Ally did a great job. Bruno noted that Ally put all of her heart and soul in the dance; adding that it was beautiful. Saying that she had chills the whole time, Carrie Ann called it an amazing Rumba. Erin revealed that Ally’s family and Selina’s family are friends. After getting rousing cheers from the crowd, Ally and Sasha scored 24 points for their Rumba.

Host Tom Bergeron was promoting the new “Star Wars” film “The Rise of Skywalker” due in theaters on December 20 and BB-8 came out on stage.

After being saved from being eliminated last week, Super Bowl champion Ray Lewis re-injured a torn tendon rehearsing the Cha Cha to “Twist and Shout” from “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off”. The injury is going to require surgery and will have to leave the competition. DWTS champio Rashad joins Cheryl to perform the dance that Ray and Cheryl were unable to do.

James Van Der Beek and Emma Rumba to “Shallow” from “A Star is Born”. James’ wife came to the rehearsals this week. James is dedicating the dance to his wife. Bruno said that the audience was going Gaga over James; adding that there was nothing “Shallow” about the dance. Bruno said that James made Emma look fabulous, Carrie Ann said James’ moves were so poetic and stunning. Len felt that the dance was a little too passionate for him. James and Emma scored 23 points for their dance – this is James’ highest score yet.

Kate and Pasha danced a Quickstep to “9 to 5”. Carrie Ann said that the dance was so precise. Len really liked the performance and the choreography. Bruno said that like the movie the dance was a big hit. Kate and Pasha scored 24 points for their dance.

Lamar and Peta danced a Cha Cha to the music of “Risky Business” with “Old Time Rock and Roll”. Len said that watching Lamar is so much fun. Bruno noted that Lamar started well; adding that he admired Lamar for giving it a go. Carrie Ann noted that she saw more confidence this week; adding that Lamar was on the beat until he messed up. Lamar and Peta scored 12 points for their dance.

Sailor and Val danced a Tango to the music of “Mama Mia”. Bruno said that he can really see that Sailor is working on what the judges tell her; adding that it was a great feel good Tango. Carrie Ann noted that there was a big transformation; adding that she could feel it. Len said that they did a fantastic routine. Sailor and Val scored 23 points for their Tango.

Kel and Witney danced a Rumba to “My Heart Will Go On” from “Titanic”. Carrie Ann said that Kel did some really solid dancing but he was a little tight. Len wanted more shaping in Kel’s hand; adding that it was a good solid performance. Bruno said unlike the Titanic, Kel made it to port without sinking. Kel and Witney scored 20 points for their Rumba.

Closing out the night of dance, Sean and Lindsay dance a Cha Cha to “Night Fever” from “Saturday Night Fever”. Len said it felt like Monday night luke warm. Bruno called Sean a genius – he turned “Saturday Night Fever” into a disaster blockbuster. Carrie Ann noted that Sean has a good time; adding that he seems a bit robotic. Sean and Lindsay scored 15 points for their Cha Cha.

Movie Night scores:
Lamar and Peta – 12
Sean and Lindsay – 15
Karamo and Jenna – 16
Lauren and Gleb – 20
Kel and Witney – 20
Hannah and Alan – 21
James and Emma – 23
Sailor and Val – 23
Ally and Sasha – 24
Kate and Pasha – 24

And now it is time for the results…
Ally and Sasha are safe.
Sean and Lindsay are safe.
Hannah and Alan are safe.
Lauren and Gleb are safe.
Kate and Pasha are safe.
James and Emma are safe.
Sailor and Val are safe.
Karamo and Jenna are safe.

Kel and Witney and Lamar and Peta are the two couples in the bottom this week.

Len said that because Ray and Cheryl have had to withdraw, no one else is going home. The votes from this week will carry over to next week.