The Disney franchise has a number of rides and attractions that let the visitor became a part of the attraction.

This fall a Broadway production is taking a page from that total immersion book and are putting the audience right in the middle of the show.

Inspired by the British ghost story “The Toll Hose”, “I Can’t See” is described as an assault on the senses. The piece will be presented entirely in the dark.

Attendees will be given audio headsets and will have umbilical chords to guide them as they become members of the cast in this horror story.

Performances begin September 25 and will only run until November 3.

A 20 year veteran of immersive horror productions Timothy Haskell noted, “in all this time, the one constant is that the most terrifying thing is your own imagination. The anticipation of fear is the scariest part of all. Horror makers keep trying to ratchet up the fear factor by telling you how extreme they are, but they don’t often engage our minds in the way immersive theatre can.”

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