Only six dancers remain on season 16 of “SO You Think You Can Dance” and this week the All Stars return.

Only two dancers will be safe before the end of the show when the judges will save one guy and one girl one last time this season.

The two hour show opens with a group performance choreographed by Pharside and Phoenix.

All Star Koine returns to pair up with Bailey for an Al Blackstone Broadway routine that brought the judges to their feet and cheers from the crowd. D-Trix called Bailey an amazing dancer. Laurieann said that she would buy a ticket to any Broadway show Bailey was in. Nigel called Bailey an outstanding dancer and Mary called him the entertainer of the show.

Mariah performs her solo.

All Star Comfort returns to pair up with Gino for a Luther Brown Hip-Hop Egyptian themed routine and brought the judges to their feet. Laurieann called the routine amazing. Nigel called Gino’s technique impeccable; adding that Gino was 100% better than the last time he did Hip-Hop. Mary said that the dance was amazing.

SYTYCD champ Lex paired up with Madison for a Mandy Moore Jazz routine. Nigel called it a great routine; adding that Madison has the best feet he has seen this season. Mary loved the chemistry between Madison and Lex. D-Trix said that Madison proved that movement is more important than the moves. Laurieann said that it was amazing what Mandy gave then; adding that she wanted Madison to let go more.

Ezra performs his solo to Bruno Mars.

All Star Kiki pairs up with Sophie for a Samba choreographed by SYTYCD alum Pasha to “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran and brought the judges to their feet. Mary said that Sophie was like a professional Ballroom dancer; adding that she was amazing. D-Trix called Sophie a Ballroom dancer. Laurieann said that Sophie had timing, texture, and poise. Nigel noted that the performance was a lot of fun; adding that it was great to see.

SYTYCD Fik-Shun pairs up with Mariah for a magical Hip-Hop routine. D-Trix called Contemporary dancer one of his favourite Hip-Hop dancers this season. Laurieann called the dance super. Nigel said that he didn’t feel it tonight. Mary noted that no matter what Mariah is given, she brings the magic. During the dance Mariah lost her hat and Fik-Shun kicked it out of the way. Nigel noted that the NFL is looking for kickers this season.

Baiey performs his solo to Sam Smith’s “Writing’s on the Wall”.

SYTYCD champ Gabby to pair up with Ezra for a Contemporary routine and brought the judges to their feet. Host Cat Deely called the piece so beautiful. Laurieann called the performance breathtaking; adding that there is something special about Ezra. Nigel noted that tonight Ezra has freed himself; adding that the dancing was beautiful. Mary said that this was Ezra’s night. D-Trix called Ezra so inspiring.

Cat revealed that Gabby will be a part of the new Steven Spielberg “West Side Story” film.

Gino and Sophie pair up again for a Broadway routine and sealed with a kiss at the end. Nigel loved that they used the whole stage; adding that there is something about the two of them together that is very special. Mary said that Gino reminds her of Gene Kelly; adding that she is ready to buy a Broadway ticket to see them. D-Trix was wondering about the kiss. Laurieann called them the couple to beat.

Madison performs her solo.

Mariah and Bailey return for a Ray Leeper Jazz routine to INXS and brought the judges to their feet. Mary called the performance a masterpiece; adding that they set the stage one fire and are still the couple to beat. D-Trix called Bailey Magic Mike; adding that he was blown away. Laurieann noted that she stands corrected. Nigel called them the most sensational couple; adding that they really are the couple to beat.

Sophie performs her solo.

Madison and Ezra go Disco complete with a lighted dance floor. D-Trix noted how difficult the dance is; calling the performance awesome. Laurieann called it the best dance show; adding that Madison killed it and Ezra did an amazing job. Nigel said that they saw the sparkle in the dance; adding that it was terrific to watch. Mary said that they did a great job.

Gino performs his solo.

The girls perform a group routine choreographed by Ray Leeper. Laurieann called the routine brilliant; adding that the girls killed it. Nigel noted that it was going to be difficult choosing who goes home tonight because they were all brilliant. Mary loved the routine calling it the coolest thing ever. D-Trix said that it was an honour watching them dance.

In the final dance before the results, the guys perform a Talia Favia routine and brought the judges to their feet. Nigel noted that he prays every week that the show comes together and this week it did with that routine; adding that the guys were sensational. Mary notes that every once in a while a dancer feels one with the universe and she feels that the guys just had one. D-Trix notes that all three of the guys were in the moment. Laurieann noted that the power of dance was to speak without words; adding that all three of the guys have what it takes.

And now it’s time for the results…

…Nigel noted that after taking in consideration everything that the dancers did tonight and the fan votes, they couldn’t go against the fan vote.

The first guy moving on to the finals is Gino.

Mariah is joining Gino in the final four.

Bailey is also moving on to the final four but Ezra is going home.

And the final dancer moving on to the final four is Sophie; which means that Madison will be going home.

Cat Deely said that she has never seen a dancer on the show that makes her so happy to see them dance.

Next week it all comes to an end with the crowning of a new SYTYCD champion.