Last week “So You Think You Can Dance” fans sent the first two dancers home as the season is quickly winding down. Tonight, two more dancers will go home after the remaining eight dancers perform.

First up, it’s a group performance choreographed by Jonathan and Oksana.

In the first two hour show of the season, the dancers will take the stage five times as they take a musical dance trip around the world.

First on the dance floor are Anna and Benjamin with a Polynesian dance. Nigel said that the dance felt more showgirl than Tahitian. But Mary loved the routine; calling it amazing. D-Trix said that their hips told a great story; adding that he was thoroughly entertained.

Sophie is the first dancer to perform her solo dance.

Madison and Ezra are getting spacey in an out of this world Hip-Hop routine. Mary called the dance an amazing concept with a clever opening dropping in from the ceiling. D-Trix called Madison an amazing Hip-Hop dancer. Laurieann called the performance amazing and out of this world. Nigel said that in general, they performed brilliantly. Ezra revealed that he has a serious fear of heights.

Gino performs his solo.

Last week Mariah and Bailey were called the couple to beat, this week they take on a Dmitri Ballroom routine with a Cha Cha to “Lady Marmalade”. D-Trix emphasized with Bailey in trying to lift his partner. Laurieann called choreographer Dmitri a genius. Nigel noted that Bailey has been remarkable this season; adding that the audience loves him. He noted that Mariah is brilliant. Mary loved every second of the dance.

Madison performs her solo.

Ezra performs his solo to “Conga” and includes plenty of hip action bringing the judges to their feet.

New couple Sophie and Gino perform a Contemporary dance – a coming out story. Laurieann called the pairing magical. Nigel said that the chemistry was beautiful; adding that both of them did beautiful solos. Nigel spoke on boys dancing ballet and how they should be accepted. Gino said that he is there to be the change. Mary welcomed choreographer KC to the family; adding that the dance is memorable.

Mariah takes the stage for her solo.

Anna and Benjamin return for an Al Blackstone smokey bar Broadway routine to “I’ll Be Seeing You”. Nigel called the piece magical and beautiful; adding that he hopes the voters choose to vote for them. Mary said that they played it just right. D-Trix said that the quality of the movement took his breath away. Saying feeling is everything, Laurieann called it amazing.

Madison and Ezra return for an Argentine Tango. Ballroom expert Mary Murphy marked on the difficulty of the routine; saying that they performed the dance beautifullly. D-Trix called Ezra amazing. Calling the dance intense, Laurieann called the performance cinematic; adding that they smashed it. Nigel said that Madison’s strengths really showed; adding that Ezra is the perfect partner.

Benjamin performs his solo.

Anna performs her solo.

Mariah and Bailey return for a Contemporary routine. Mariah, who is also afraid of heights, has to perform using a rooftop/slide prop in the dance. D-Trix said that in 16 seasons, it was his favourite dance. Laurieann said that they did some brilliant work. Noting that the prop did not overshadow the dance; adding that they are indeed the couple to beat. Mary wants them to be a couple for life; adding that Mariah was perfection and Bailey was at home in the style.

Sophie and Gino return for a Jazz routine. In rehearsals, Gino has trouble with his hat prop, but in the performance he nailed it. Laurieann called them the new couple to beat. Nigel called it a great routine. Mary put the on her hot tamale train. D-Trix agreed with Mary.

Bailey gives the final solo performance of the night and brought the judges to their feet.

Madison, Mariah, Benjamin, and Gino joined forces for a performance that has the guys taking their shirts off. Nigel called the choreography brilliant. Mary called the dance powerful and strong. D-Trix called it a strong routine. Laurieann said that the creativity was fantastic; adding that she was blown away by four dancers she wants to hire.

In the first results of the night…

…Gino and Mariah are safe but Benjamin and Madison are in danger of going home.

Anna, Sophie, Bailey, and Ezra perform a Sean Cheeseman African Jazz dance. Mary called Sean brilliant; adding that the dance was amazing and brilliant. D-Trix noted that the amount of work the dancers had to go through was incredible. Saying welcome to the dream, Laurieann said that the dance was great. Nigel noted that Sean gave the dancers a freedom of movement; adding that he loves all the styles of dance from around the world.

In the next results…

Bailey and Sophie are safe but Ezra and Anna are in danger of going home.

The final decision of which two of the four dancers in danger – Madison, Anna, Benjamin, and Ezra – will go home is up to the judges.

In the final results of the night…

…Nigel revealed that for some reason the bottom four haven’t been able to connect with the voting fans but in a unanimous decision Ezra and Madison are safe for another week but Anna and Benjamin have been eliminated from the competition.

Next week the All Stars return to perform with the six remaining dancers.