The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a number of permanent exhibits along with some traveling and temporary ones.

In the coming weeks two of those traveling exhibits will be leaving – “Part of the Machine: Rock and Pinball” and “Stay Tuned: Rock on TV”.

Part of the Machine” is an interactive exhibit that includes real pinball machines featuring Alice Cooper, Elton John, The Who, KISS, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Dolly Parton that visitors can play. Now until the exhibit closes on September 4, those pinball machines have been set to free play.

The exhibit also includes Pete Townshend’s guitar used to compose the hit song “Pinball Wizard”, KISS drummer Pete Criss’s drum set, and the dress used as the inspiration on her pinball machine.

Stay Tuned: Rock on TV” is set to close on September 9 explores the relationship between music and television. The multi floor exhibit features instruments and sets from various television shows including Paul Shaffer’s keyboard and the stage design used by The Beatles on the “Ed Sullivan Show”.

Although the big anniversary concert celebrating 50 years of Woodstock never happened, the Rock Hall has a special Woodstock at 50 exhibit that will run through the end of September. Included in the exhibit are rare prints, performance outfits, video footage, tickets, and original signage.

But don’t worry, there is still plenty to see and new exhibits to explore.

Opening in November is a new exhibit called “Play it Loud” that will feature some of the most recognized musical instruments in the history of rock. The exhibit will feature over 100 instruments, poster, and costumes some of which have been donated from private collections and the musicians themselves.