Last week on “So You Think You Can Dance” the top 10 took to the dance floor for fan votes. This week, two of those dancers will go home when one girl and one guy are eliminated from the competition.

The top 10 join forces for a group dance choreographed by award winning choreographer Travis Wall.

First up are Stephanie and Gino with a Jive routine to “Long Tall Sally” by Emma and Sasha Farber that brought rousing cheers from the crowd and the judges to their feet. Nigel said that he has not seen flicks that sharp since Benji Schwimmer in season three.

In the first results of the night, Gino is safe but Stephanie is in danger of going home.

Next up are Sophie and Eddie with a Travis Wall Contemporary dance. D-Trix thanked Travis for such a brilliant routine. Laurieann said that this week, Eddie brought the emotion. Nigel said that Eddie was marvelous; adding that Travis is one of the greatest choreographers they have ever had on the show.

In the next results, Eddie is in danger of going home but Sophie is safe.

Anna and Benjamin hit the dance floor for a Hip-Hop routine. Laurieann called the routine amazing; adding that Benjamin was born to dance. Nigel said that they sparkled; adding that they are are great couple together. D-Trix called the performance phenonmenal.

In their results, Benjamin learned that he is safe but Anna is in danger of going home.

Madison and Ezra for a sultry Ray Leeper Jazz routine. Nigel said that Ray Leeper outdid himself on the routine; adding that Bob Fosse would have loved Madison. He said that the chemistry stood out this week. Mary said that they were terrific. D-Trix said that it was a beautiful and sexy routine.

In their results, Ezra is in danger but Madison is safe.

With all four dancers in danger from different pairs, it will ensure that there will be a new couple next week when the top eight take the dance floor.

The final couple on the dance floor are Mariah and Bailey perform a Luther Brown Hip-Hop routine that brought raving cheers from the crowd. Mary called it her favourite dance of the night; adding that they are the couple to beat. Nigel agreed that tonight, they were the couple to beat.

The duo are safe for another week.

The bottom four have been revealed, now it is up to the judges to decide which two dancers will go home and who will stay for another week.

Noting that the show is about the growth of the dancer, Nigel revealed that Ezra and Anna are safe; sending Eddie and Stephanie home.