On the heels of their successful All Access series “Star Trek” Discovery”, CBS is creating a new series and this time, they are bringing back some familiar faces for long time “Star Trek” fans.

For seven years, Captain Jean-Luc Picard led the Starship Enterprise. Now Sir Patrick Stewart returns to lead his own series in “Star Trek: Picard”.

Stewart will be reunited with Next Generation cast member Brent Spiner who returns to reprise his role as Data. Members of the Borg collective will also return when Jeri Ryan and Jonathan Del Arco reprise their roles as Seven of Nine and Hugh the Borg.

Fellow Next Generation cast mates Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes are also scheduled to be a part of the show.

Alison Pill, Michelle Hurd, Evan Evagora, Isa Briones, Santiago Cabrera and Harry Treadaway are also a part of the series.

The new series is set 20 years after Next Generation and more character driven than previous series. A retired Admiral Picard is tending his vineyard when he is drawn back to Starfleet.

Set to air next year, “Star Trek: Picard” also has Patrick Stewart as its executive producer.


feature photo credit: By Enterprise-D_crew_quarters.jpg: Derek Springer from Los Angeles, CA, USAPatrickStewart2004-08-03.jpg: Cdt. Patrick Caughey[1]derivative work: Loupeznik (talk) – Enterprise-D_crew_quarters.jpgPatrickStewart2004-08-03.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17031867