The auditions are over and it is time to get down to work on “So You Think You Can Dance”. Seventy-nine dancers earned their tickets to the Dance Academy and will have to prove themselves in other dance styles if they hope to move on.

Like the auditions, the Academy is held in Los Angeles.

Over a three day period, the dancers will have to make it through four rounds of dance if they hope to make it to the top 20.

Up first is Hip-Hop with Luther Brown who brought a hard hitting routine filled with personality. In the first two groups, Nigel had to admonish the dancers about not giving up; especially in an audition…and things didn’t get much better throughout the round. After the Hip-Hop round, 69 dancers survived.

Day two is Ballroom with Emma and Sasha Slater with a Cha Cha. After an energetic trick filled dance, 54 dancers survive to move on to the Contemporary round with Talia Favia.

Next week its Mandy Moore and the reveal of the top 20.