This week on “So You Think You Can Dance”, it is a repeat of the season opener on this holiday week.

Dezi Saenz get the auditions started off with a Hip-Hop routine that Nigel Lythgoe called tremendous. When LaurieAnn asked if Dezi choreographed her own routine, Dezi said that it was freestyle. Dezi got her ticket to the Dance Academy with four yeses.

Season 15’s Stephanie Sosa returns for another try and this time she brought her brother Ezra to lend a hand. After their mother had a stroke last year, Stephanie said that she was dancing for her mom…who was in the audience. After a routine that Mary called fabulous, she put them on her hot tamale train and both dancers earned their way to the Dance Academy.

In a series of clips Jesse Sykes, Dayna Madison, and Benjamin Castro all earned their tickets to the Dance Academy.

Matthew Deloch returns from season 14 – missing last season after a knee injury – and performed a routine that Dominic called amazing. LaurieAnn said that Alvin Ailey would have dreamed of a dancer like Matthew. He got his ticket to the Dance Academy.

Australian born Sarah “Smac” McCreanor performed a comedic Jazz routine to “Boogie Wonderland”. Mary called Sarah the Lucille Ball of dancing. Sarah got her ticket to the Dance Academy.

Mom of three Amanda Butler performed a Hip-Hop routine with her Mom Crew. While the judges liked the performance, Amanda did not get her ticket to the Dance Academy…but they did get a dance with Dominic after a request from Nigel.

Gino Cosculluela has two siblings who are professional dancers. Nigel calls mom down to be a guest judge after learning that Gino appeared in an episode of “Dance Moms” when he was nine years old. Nigel said that he would be shocked if Gino was not a part of the top 10 this season. Gino got his ticket to the Dance Academy with four yeses.