For the past 24 years, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has displayed artifacts and memorabilia from artists and bands who have been inducted into The Hall. Beginning July 1, visitors to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will get a chance to be a rock star with The Garage.

The interactive exhibit will allow visitors to play real instruments, jam, make a video, and even create their own custom merchandise.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame CEO and President Greg Harris noted, “there’s nothing better than the thrill of cranking up the volume on an electric guitar.”

The interactive exhibit features 12 instrument stations with guitars, drums, and keyboards; and includes instructional videos. Visitors can select a song to perform in a variety of styles from classic rock to hip-hop. The songs have been selected to fit a wide range of musical abilities.

A recording room is also available for jamming and even recording a video of the performances to share with friends and family.

A lounge with acoustic instruments is also available for a comfortable setting, pop-up classes, and demonstrations.

The exhibit also includes an interactive design area for creating band logos and merchandise.

The Garage exhibit is a part of the recent upgrades to The Hall and is housed on the second floor of the Museum.


feature photo courtesy of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame