It’s week four of the auditions on “So You Think You Can Dance”. So far there have been some pretty impressive dancers to take the stage.

Jalen Sands gets the night of music started with her Contemporary routine that features some impressive contortion work. The judges simply waved tickets for the Dance Academy in the air.

Contemporary dancing identical twins Colton and Trent Edwards have been dancing for about three years. After an incredibly in sync routine, two very excited twin brothers earned their tickets to the Dance Academy.

Bryan “Clocks” Volozann is an animator who after missing out on season 12 became a part of the Jabbawackeez. He returns to SYTYCD for another try. After blowing away the audience…and the judges, Bryan got four yeses and a ticket to the Dance Academy.

Via video clips; Hip-Hop dancers John John Tarrayo, Lorenzo Rangel-Santos, Gerald Taplin, and Anna Linstruth all got their tickets to the Dance Academy.

Bringing along a dance partner is a good thing, but these dancing hopefuls took it up a notch and brought some seasoned veterans along:

Ballroom dancer Sofia Ghavami brought SYTYCD top 10 alum Kiki Myemchek to help her out on her audition.

Vlad Kvartin brought SYTYCD alum Magda Fialek for his audition.

Annie Lyn Sheketoff brought SYTYCD alum Ryan Di Lello

And it worked, all three dancers got their tickets to the Dance Academy.

But Ballroom dancer Antonio Frias performed a Salsa solo. Ballroom dancing expert Mary Murphy didn’t feel like Antonio was strong enough. Nigel asked if there were any Ballroom dancers in the audience and Destiny came on stage to give Antonio a hand. While Nigel said that the dancing improved, Antonio still did not get his ticket to the Dance Academy.

Sydney Burtis has been dancing when she was three years old. Diagnosed with mild autism, dancing was her way to communicate. Sydney is the first tap dancer of season 16. While Nigel was impressed with her technique, he noted that the music did not fit the dance. Sydney got her ticket to the Dance Academy.

Jarrod Tyler Paulson has been dancing since he was nine years old. Partner Madison Jordan is also auditioning for the show but they are not dancing as partners but solo dancers. After blowing the judges away, Jarrod got his ticket to the Dance Academy. Nigel offered to let Jarrod sit in his chair to watch his girlfriend Madison dance.

Nigel noted that Madison had great control; adding that both of them were memorable; adding that he couldn’t wait to audition their children. Dominic said that he would love to see them dance together and Nigel added, wouldn’t we all. The duo danced to Madison’s audition music and brought the house to their feet. Madison is joining Jarrod at the Dance Academy.

Next week the auditions conclude.