For 60 years the Recording Academy has required artists to submit a hard copy of their Grammy Award submission in the form of an album and later a CD. Beginning with submissions for the 2020 Grammy Awards, the Academy will accept streaming submissions for most of the 84 categories. Artists still have the option of submitting a CD is they choose.

Speaking on the decision The Academy said, “for most categories, we would prefer streaming distribution links for online entry submissions.”

However, this is not the first time that The Academy has allowed streaming submissions; for the past few years, artists have been allowed to submit albums via a streaming format. In 2016, Chance the Rapper became the first artist to win a Grammy Award with an online streamed entry for his album “Coloring Book”.

Noting that streamed entries makes the online submission process easier and most cost effective, The Academy said the links to the streamed entries would be used for all stages of the selection process and stressing that it is essential that the link remain active and accurate throughout the entire voting process. Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal streaming services are all eligible for streamed entries.

The new entry format allows the smaller labels to compete with the big labels when it comes to submitting song and album entries.


Other changes to the Grammy Award submission rules:
Previously the pop and rock categories were screened by the Core Committee, The Academy has separated those categories from the Core Committee and put them in their own committees.

The definition of Traditional Pop has been amended to include contemporary songs performed in a traditional style. The Academy noted that the word, ‘traditional’ being a reference, equally, to the style of the composition, vocal styling and the instrumental arrangement, without regard to the age of the material.”

In the past the Best Children’s Album category has included an Spoken Word albums. This year the Spoken Word category will include all spoken word albums including those for children.

The Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music categories will now include albums in English and Spanish.


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