In week two of the auditions for “So You Think You Can Dance” Dominic and Laurieann return to join Mary Murphy and head judge Nigel Lythgoe at the judging table.

Japanese born Sumi Oshima got the night of dance started off with her animated audition. She got her ticket to the Dance Academy.

Next up Caroline De La Rocha performed a Contemporary routine that Mary called a passionate dance and earned her three yeses…and a ticket to the Dance Academy.

Break dancer Samuel Sweetser is the father of a two year old who also dances. Nigel had Samuel bring his son on stage to dance a bit. Samuel got his ticket to the Dance Academy with what Dominic called authentic dance moves.

Contemporary dancer Gianna Newborg has been dancing since she could walk. She chose to tell a dark story of being kidnapped with her dance and brought the judges to their feet. Gianna got her ticket to the Dance Academy.

Contemporary dancers Tra Wilson, Howard Johnson, and Abigail Hau also earned their tickets to the Dance Academy.

It often takes years for two dancers to become great on the dance floor together but Nazz Sldryan and Stefen Yeritsyan come together to perform a Cha Cha for the first time ever as a couple. During the dance, Ballroom dance expert Mary Murphy noted that the duo had great chemistry on the dance floor. Dominic said that they looked like they had been dancing together forever. And with that four yeses get a ticket for the Dance Academy.

Nigerian born “Korra” Obidi Dean is a member of the royal family in her native land. Being very pregnant does not stop Korra from strutting her stuff on the dance floor. Korra did not get her ticket to the Academy.

In the final audition of the night, the Contemporary Ballet duo Kaeli Ware and Brandon Talbott have been dancing together since they were seven and eight years old. The duo brought the house down and got their tickets to the Dance Academy.

Next week the auditions continue…