World of Dance” has reached the end of another season. This week the final four will battle it out for the million dollar prize. Up until now the dancers have competed against acts in their own division; this week they will be competing against dancers in the other divisions.

But, after the Division Finals last week the judges chose to use their wildcard and put Unity LA back in the competition to join Briar Nolet, Vpeepz, The Kings, and Ellie and Ava for a battle for the crown.

Taking the dance floor first is judge Derek Hough with last season’s Junior Division champs and the first couple to earn a perfect score Charity and Andres, and last season runner up Michael Damesky for a performance that had Ne-Yo screaming and brought him and Jennifer to their feet.

Sean and Kaycee from last season and Ian Eastwood from season one join Ne-Yo for a performance with Ne-Yo providing the vocals.

Season two winners The Lab return to the stage to give a tribute to Jennifer Lopez in dance.

And let the competition begin…
The only solo artist in the finals, Upper Division winner Briar Nolet takes to the dance floor first.

The dancers will not learn their scores until the end of the round.

Up next is the Junior Team Division champions Filipino crew Vpeepz who brough Derek to his feet. The judges all noted how precise the crew was with their movements.

Next up is the Wildcard Choice Unity LA with a performance that Derek called a work of art. Jennifer called it a gorgeous artful piece. Ne-Yo said that they were th total package.

Upper Division Team winners the Indian group The Kings take the dance floor next. Going into the mentoring session with the judges, the group was not prepared to show their routine but when it came time to take the stage, there were dances flying all over the stage and judges on their feet at the end. Ne-Yo said that he felt like he went to the movies and saw the greatest action film ever.

The last act to take to the dance floor is the Junior Division champs sister act Ellie and Ava with a routine that had Derek saying wow and beautiful all through the dance and brought the judges to their feet. Jennifer called them one of the most beautiful duets she has seen on stage.

And now the scores…
Ellie and Ava earned a score of 95 points
Briar Nolet earned a score of 92.7 points
Vpeepz earned a score of 93.7 points
Unity LA earned a score of 95.7 points and taking over first place
Earning a perfect score of 100, The Kings are the champions of season three and the winners of the million dollar prize.