Over five years ago, NASCAR decided to make a rules change when it comes to qualifying for races in hopes of making it more exciting for the fans. The change allowed drivers to make as many qualifying laps around the track they wished during a specific time period

Over the years the drivers have gotten more calculating in how they made their qualifying runs; often waiting until only moments before the allotted time expired. Earlier this year during the last round of a qualifying run all 12 of the drivers failed to make a qualifying lap. The events have prompted NASCAR to make some changes.

For the Richmond races NASCAR shortened the allotted qualifying times.

On May 1, NASCAR has made further changes and will be returning to the single car qualifying format for all races as they do for the races in Daytona and Talladega.

The new ruling will apply to all three of the racing series – Gander Outdoor Trucks, Xfinity, and Monster Energy Cup.

The only exception to the new qualifying format will be on the road courses.

With the new single car qualifying format, NASCAR has also eliminated the multiple rounds with only a single lap at tracks longer than 1.25 miles and two timed laps for the smaller tracks.

Other changes to the format are that NASCAR is building in a couple of two minute breaks so that television stations can break away for ads without fans missing any of the action on the track. Broadcaster are also counting on use of the “ghost car” to keep fans interested in the events on the track.