More than just a musical museum of memorabilia, the Hard Rock Cafe is a family style restaurant and on April 26 the younger generation dominated the stage when 16 year old Vincent Bonelli and 14 year old Ally Rose performed for the large crowd.

Outside it was cold and rainy but inside the Hard Rock, the room was filled with warmth and sunshine from the performances of cover tunes and original songs.

Vincent took the stage first in a solo performance that featured cover songs from artists like John Mayer, Dave Mason, Allen Stone, and Kings of Leon and original music from Vincent’s debut album “Lines”.


Ally Rose joined Vincent on stage for a couple of songs before beginning her set.


After beginning the night with a band that included her vocal coach Zach at the keyboard, Ally performed some songs solo while she played the keyboard and was joined by a few guests on stage as she performed a variety of cover tunes and original songs.