The Buffalo Museum of Science is one of the treasures to be found in the city on Lake Erie. The Museum has something offer any visitor.

Now through May 5 the Museum features the Art of the Brick – an exhibit of artwork constructed solely out of LEGO bricks.

Created by Nathan Sawaya, the exhibit features all manner of creations from a simple pencil and people to life sized dinosaur skeleton and works of art including “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh and the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci. Each piece was constructed using thousands and thousands of LEGO bricks.

No longer just a child’s toy, Sawaya has turned the colourful plastic bricks into impressive works of art and recreations that boggle the mind.

Born in America’s Northwest, Sawaya took an obsession and turned ti into beautiful artistic creations to become the first artist to have an exhibit using LEGO bricks.

The exhibit also offers an area for visitors to explore and create LEGO creations of their own. Fittingly the explore area is at the end of the exhibit to help inspire future artists.

Known for its traveling exhibits that have included guitars and mummies, the Buffalo Museum of Science also offers quite an array of permanent exhibits that invite visitors to explore the many interactive installations.

Along with the large children’s educational play area are exhibits on the human body, biodiversity, extinct creatures, artifacts, bugs, food, movement, and space. There are also 3D movies to view and the newest addition to the Museum is an observatory with telescopes.