The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra capped off a weekend of music with a concert for the younger set in the BPO Kids Young People’s Guide to the Orchestra.


BPO Assistant Conductor Jaman Dunn got the afternoon of music started by leading the BPO in a performance of the Dmitry Kabalevsky composition “Overture to Colas Breugnon, Op 24”.


Guest conductor Maestro Ron and narrator Leah Wietig took the stage for “Young People’s Guide to the Orchestra” – a composition with a theme and 13 variations as each section/instrument of the orchestra is introduced. Wietig read the narrative poem written by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater (who was in attendance) before each variation was pkayed.


The poem and photos were shown on the video screen during the performance. There were also various hand motions included for audience participation with the performance.

The musical afternoon concluded with a sing-a-long of “This Old Man”, “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”, “Day O”, and “if You’re Happy and You Know It”. Lyrics and comical images appeared on the video screen during the songs.