This season NASCAR has implemented a new policy regarding rule infractions with violators being punished by having any wins taken away, along with an points for the wins and playoff bonuses.

However, unsecured lug nuts are not a part of the new penalties.

This pas weekend at ISM Raceway in Phoenix, three teams were found to have lug nut infractions including the race winner Kyle Busch.

Monster Energy Cup Series TicketGuardian winner Kyle Busch

s number 18 car passed post race inspection but did have a single lug nut found to be unsecure. As a result of the infraction, NASCAR has fined crew chief Adam Stevens $10,000.

Xfinity Series number eight JR Motorsports car driven by Ryan Truex and the number 74 Mike Harmon Racing car driven by Mike Harmon were both found to have a single lug nut unsecured after the iK9 Service Dog 200. As a result, number eight crew chief Taylor Moyer and number 74 crew chief Timothy Goulet were fined $5,000 each.

There were no further penalties found after post race inspections in both racing series.