As week three of the blind auditions begin on “The Voice” Blake and John each have eight singers on their team with Adam and Kelly halfway there with six singers each.

Background singer and daughter of Motown keyboard player and Funk Brother Johnny Griffith, Beth Griffith-Manley kicked off the auditions with her version of an Aretha Franklin song that got John and Kelly to tunt heir chairs.

South African Selki did not fulfill her husband’s wish of a four chair turn but she did get Adam and Blake to battle over her.

Dentin Arnell got a coach to turn a chair…and a yes to his proposal to his girlfriend.

Ciera Dumas got Adam and John to turn around together and had John dancing.

Andrew Sevener has been in a band with his parents since he was 15 and is now a part of “The Voice”.

In a true blind audition, no one saw Mari’s face until after three of the four chairs turned around.

Abby Kasch had to wait until near the end of her performance before she got a country battle going.

Fourteen yea old Mikaela Astel got a two chair turn early on.

Crystal Rose and Kayla Seeber are the newest artists to be a part of the Comeback Stage with Bebe Rexha.

The final singer of the night is middle school teacher Shawn Sounds earned the only four chair turn of the night.

The Voice” is taking off this Tuesday but will be back next Monday to finish filling up the teams.

The teams so far:
Team Adam:
Domenic Haynes
Jimmy Mowery
Trey Rose
Karly Moreno
Patrick McAloon
LB Crew
Ciera Dumas
Anthony Ortiz

Team Blake:
Gyth Rigdon
Hannah Kay
Kim Cherry
Lili Joy
Carter Lloyd Horne
Dexter Roberts
Dalton Dover
Kendra Checketts
Andrew Sevener

Team Kelly:
The Bundys
Karen Galera
Rizzi Myers
Alena D’Amico
Jej Vinson
Rebecca Howell
Beth Griffith-Manley
Abby Kasch
Mikeala Astel

Team John:
Julian King
Lisa Ramey
Maelyn Jarmon
Matthew Johnson
Savannah Brister
Jacob Maxwell
Talon Cordon
Betsy Ade
Dentin Arnell
Oliv Blu
Shawn Sounds