It’s week two of “The Voice” and there are more surprises in store for the coaches as they continue to build their teams.

Each season the coaches hear singers who have returned from previous seasons. This season Luna Searles from season two made a return to “The Voice” but failed to turn any chairs.

Over the years there have been many firsts on “The Voice”, but it has taken 16 seasons for two family members to audition for the show in the same season but not in the same act. Father Patrick McAloon auditioned first and got a three chair turn. Then came 16 year old daughter Ruby McAloon but she failed to impress the coaches enough to turn a chair.

While he didn’t turn any chairs on “The Voice” stage, Bebe Rexha chose Kanard Thomas and J.T. Rodriguez as her third and fourth Comeback Stage contestants.

The teams so far:
Team Adam:
Domenic Haynes
Jimmy Mowery
Trey Rose
Karly Moreno
Patrick McAloon
LB Crew

Team Blake:
Gyth Rigdon
Hannah Kay
Kim Cherry
Lili Joy
Carter Lloyd Horne
Dexter Roberts
Dalton Dover
Kendra Checketts

Team Kelly:
The Bundys
Karen Galera
Rizzi Myers
Alena D’Amico
Jej Vinson
Rebecca Howell

Team John:
Julian King
Lisa Ramey
Maelyn Jarmon
Matthew Johnson
Savannah Brister
Jacob Maxwell
Talon Cordon
Betsy Ade