Bass player for the sixties rock band The Monkees Peter Tork died February 21 as the result of cancer just one week after his 77th birthday. Tork was at a family home in Connecticut when he died.

He was known as the jokester in the band but Tork, who had studied music from childhood, was an accomplished multi instrumentalist who played guitar, keyboards, and banjo; as well as, the bass.

It was Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield and Crosby Stills and Nash who steered a young and handsome 24 year old Peter Tork toward the auditions for a new television comedy about a struggling rock band.

Designed to be an American answer to The Beatles,“The Monkees” debuted in September of 1966 and launched Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith, Davey Jones, and Micky Dolenz into instant teen idols.

What began as a television comedy where the band members didn’t even play their own instruments, ended up launching a chart topping band whose members were well loved long after The Monkees themselves split up.

Besides being a part of The Monkees, Tork formed his own band Shoe Suede Blues and performed as a solo artist.

Along with appearing in 58 episodes of “The Monkees” and related productions, Tork made appearances on “King of Queens” and “7th Heaven”.-

He was born Peter Halsten Thorkelson on February 13, 1942 in Washington, DC.

Predeceased by fellow Monkee Davey Jones, Tork is survived by The Monkees members Mike Nesmith and Micky Dolenz. He is also survived by his fourth wife Pamela, children Hallie, Ivan, and Tammy; and grandchildren.


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