The violin has been around for hundreds of years and is the mainstay of an orchestra. It is normally played by musicians dressed in finery with stoic looks on their faces.

Seattle native Matthew Olshefski has changed all of that…

Not only does Matthew not dress up his finest attire for a performance…he doesn’t even wear a shirt!

Playing since he was three years old, Matthew was looking for something more and when boyfriend and filmmaker Paul Castle suggested that Matthew play shirtless, the violinist knew he had found his niche.

Playing since he was three years old, Matthew said that he can no longer remember not having a violin in his hand.

Matthew says that he loves playing the violin but hates wearing the ties and tails. It was while making is first music video that Paul made the suggestion to go shirtless – to get more views – and, a tradition was born.

He admits that the classical music world is not pleased with his “gimmick”, but Matthew admits that he enjoys making classical music fun.

As one fan put it, “come for the abs, stay for the music.”

To date Matthew has taken his shirt off and made nearly two dozen music videos and has garnered two million views.

The musician and fitness instructor said, “I hope my music videos allow people to enjoy this beautiful instrument, whether they already love the violin or are discovering its special powers for the first time. I get a lot of people telling me that these videos have inspired them to start playing an instrument, and that means so much to me. I also get a lot of people telling me that I’ve inspired them to get in shape, starting eating healthy, and take care of their bodies.The fact that I am able to inspire both things – music and fitness – in one place, is a great reward.”

Saying that he is just getting started, Matthew has recently released his second album and along with more videos, Matthew is looking to book a tour at some point in the near future.