Season 15 of “The Voice” has reached the top 10 and only three more weeks remain in the season. This week the singers face a double elimination this week.

Team Jennifer’s Kennedy Holmes gets the nice of music started off with a Meghan Trainor song. Host Carson Daly called Kennedy incredible; adding that the performance was amazing. Kelly said that it was awesome to see Kennedy doing something fun. Saying that it was crazy, Adam noted that Kennedy can move. Jennifer said that Kennedy never disappoints; adding that she is so much fun to watch. Adam and Jennifer were a bit jealous of Kennedy’s sowing off being 13.

Team Adam’s Reagan Strange took on Faith Hill for her performance. Saying that he is one of her biggest fans, Blake noted that she took on a tough song. Agreeing that it was a big song, Kelly noted that her favourite part of Reagan’s voice was her expression of emotion – something you can’t teach. Adam noted that Reagan commands attention in the room with the purity and simplicity of her voice.

Country music star and six time Voice winning coach, Blake Shelton takes the stage for a performance of his newest single “Turnin’ Me On”.

Team Kelly’s Sarah Grace, plays the trumpet and puts her own spin on the classic “Amazing Grace” using the tune from “House of the Rising Sun”. Jennifer noted that Sarah Grace didn’t miss a note; adding that it was an amazing performance. Saying that Sarah Grace has so much soul, Kelly loves er voice; adding that Sarah Grace is an intelligent musician. Kelly said that Sarah Grace sang an insanely cool version of the song.

Team Kelly’s Kymberli Joye once again chose to sing a Gospel song for her performance. Blake felt like it was Kymberli’s most powerful performance because it was a controlled performance. Jennifer said that there was nothing that Kymberli cannot sing. Kelly loved that Kymberli has the ability to move people.

Team Blake’s Chris Kroeze performs Garth Brooks this week; a song he calls a barn burner. Kelly loved the performance; adding that Chris seems so cool and relatable. Blake said that he is happy for Chris as a fellow musician; adding that he just brought Country music to prime time television.

Blake took his team bowling and presented them with new guitars. Dave Fenley went back to his past with “When You Say Nothing at All”. Jennifer admitted that she doesn’t know a lot about Country, but she does know voices and Dave has a good one. Kelly said that the song was perfect for Dave’s voice. Blake noted that Dave never does the same thing twice but always sings from his heart.

Team Adam’s DeAndre Nico performed first on “The Voice” when he took on Bruno Mars with “That’s What I Like”. Jennifer loved that DeAndre showed more of his performance side. Kelly said that was her favourite ending ever on the show. Adam said that e wised there was a way to convey the feeling in the room; adding that DeAndre did a tremendous job.

Team Kelly’s Chevel Shepherd took on Loretta Lynn this week with the classic “You’re looking at Country”. Blake called Chevel cute; adding that she had found a way to make a Lorreta Lynn song even more country; adding that it was fun. Jennifer called Chevel adorable, adding that she loves that Chevel loves what she does. Adam called Chevel cute and talented. Kelly said that she loves everything Chevel represents; adding that se can’t wait to hear Chevel’s record.

Team Blake’s Kirk Jay cose Chris Young’s “Tomorrow” saying that he loved the ballads and the storytelling. Carson said that that was an incredible performance, like they were at one of his shows. Jennifer encouraged people to vote for him; adding that he is one of her favourites. Saying that he is a huge fan too, Adam agreed with Jennifer; adding that he is transfixed by Kirk and Country Music needs him. Blake called it by far Kirk’s most important and pivotal performance.

Team Jennifer’s Makenzie Thomas performed the Celine Dion song “Because You Love Me”. She said that it was the first song she sang outside of the church. Jennifer named Makenzie as one of the diva’s along with Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Kelly, and herself.

On Tuesday’s results show two singers will go home just one week before the semi finals.

After the east coast broadcast, one singer had their song in the overall iTunes singles chart and three singers had their songs in the top 10 of one of the iTunes genre singles charts.