This week deuces are wild on “Dancing with the Stars” with only two weeks remaining in season 27, two dances for the six remaining couples, and a double elimination to reveal the final four at the end of the show.

This week the couples must perform two dances – a dedication round and a judge’s choice round. The judges choose which dance they want the couple to perform and will mentor them on the dance.

Bobby and Sharna get the night of dance started off with a Salsa dedicated to his fans. Sharna surprised Bobby with a video filled with messages from some of his fans. After the dance, an excited Bobby announced that he did every step in the dance…for the first time. Len said that Bobby put the Boy in flamboyant; adding that while it wasn’t a conventional Salsa, the dance was fun and entertaining. Bruno said that it looked like Bobby gate crashed a Victoria Seceret party; adding that while not a Salsa, it was a great show. A baffled Carrie Ann noted that Bobby has come a long way; adding that she loved Bobby’s energy and he was a joy to watch. Bobby and Sharna scored 21 points for their dance. Going off script Bobby spoke on the fires out in California and helping those affected.

Alexis and Alan danced a Waltz that Alexis dedicated to Alan. Host Tom Bergeron said that the dance was beautifully done. Calling the dance heavenly, Bruno said that the dance had fluidity and was exquisite with elegance and poise. Saying that it was beautifully brilliant, Bruno noted that the turns were never out of place. Carrie Ann noted that something had matured in the way Alexis expressed herself; adding that it was her best dance…but she saw a lift. Len said that the dance was elegant and graceful with continuous flow, but he wanted to see more Waltz content; adding that they could have done so much more. Speaking not just to Alexis and Alan Len said, “the further you go from the roots of the dance, the more you lose.” Alexis and Alan scored 28 points for their dance.

Joe and Jenna performed a Contemporary dance dedicated to the women in Joe’s life. Tom called the dance really nice. An impressed Carrie Ann noted that there was a new fluidity in the dance; adding that there was not a lot of content in the dance, but his moves didn’t distract from the storytelling in the dance. Len said that Joe didn’t do much, but he didn’t do much very well; adding that he enjoyed the dance. Calling the performance fashionably minimalistic, Bruno said that Joe was strong and solid… like a wooden frame… for Jenna. Calling the dance gorgeous, co-host Erin Andrews said that she loved it. Joe and Jenna scored 22 points for their dance.

For the past two weeks, Juan Pablo and Cheryl have earned a perfect score of 30 for their dances. The couple have earned a total of three perfect scores this season. Juan Pablo and Cheryl danced an Argentine Tango dedicated to Juan Pablo’s mother. His parents visited during rehearsals and were in the audience for the performance. The couple earned a standing ovation and rousing applause for their performance. Tom expressed the sentiments with a wow and holy crap. Standing Len called the performance truly fabulous; adding that he would always remember it. Saying that he couldn’t catch is breath, Bruno said that the dance was extraordinary and the pure essence of an Argentine Tango. Carrie Ann noted that they have been the most consistent couple, but tonight they outdid themselves. Saying that she was blown away, Carrie Ann said that Juan Pablo has so much artistry that he was in a class all his own. For the third week in a row, Juan Pablo and Cheryl earned a perfect score for their dance.

Evanna and Keo performed a Contemporary dance that Evanna dedicated to her friend director Simon Fitzmorris who died as a result of ALS last year. Tom called it a beautiful performance. Bruno said that the dance was powerful, strong, heartfelt, and in the moment; adding that they danced flawlessly. Noting that Evanna did Simon justice, Carrie Ann said that they danced with the essence of life. Len called the dance polished and powerful; adding that he loved it. Erin noted that Evanna continues to grow each week. Evanna and Keo also earned a perfect score this week. As Erin pointed out that Keo has never made it this far on the show, Keo was very emotional.

Finishing out round one Milo and Witney performed an Argentine Tango that Milo dedicated to his mom, who was in the audience. Carrie Ann like the structural element of the dance; adding that Milo had so much presence. Len noted that Milo came out and stayed true to himself; adding that the dance had lots of intensity. Bruno called the dance stylish sharp, and strong with very good lifts; adding that Milo always delivers. Milo and Witney scored 27 points for their dance.

Dedication Round:
Bobbay and Sharna – 21
Joe and Jenna – 22
Milo and Witney – 27
Alexis and Alan – 28
Juan Pablo and Cheryl – 30
Evanna and Keo – 30

Len came to visit Bobby and Sharna to offer a little help on their Jive. At the end of the dance Bobby takes off his shirt and has a T-shirt on with Len’s face – no one knew about the shirt. Bobby was high fiving Len after the dance. Tom said that he loved it. Noting that he had so much fun visiting Bobby, Len called the dance a walk on the wild side; adding that Bobby came out and sold it with a pretty good performance. Bruno said that Bobby was jumping around like a golden cricket gone berserk; adding that Bobby actually did so some kicks and flicks. Carrie Ann noted that the dance really was improved; adding that his steps was more refined. Bobby and Sharna earned their highest score with a 24 – which Bobby equates to a 30.

Bruno made a visit to Alexis and Alan to assist with their Jive. With Brandon as the instructor, Alexis and Alan performed a Jazzercize themed Jive. Saying that there was nothing fuzzy about that dance, Bruno noted that the dance had plenty of content with Alexis as the star of the show. Carrie Ann said that the dance was worlds apart for the beginning. Saying that he loved the concept, Len called the dance fabulous, clean, clear, and full of content. Erin called the dance so much fun. Alexis and Alan earned a perfect score of 30 for their dance.

Carrie Ann gave Joe and Jenna their week one Quickstep and noted that Joe needs to work on his musicality; adding that he doesn’t breathe properly when he dances. Tom said that the dance was a lot of fun. Carrie Ann noted that tonight Joe was going to be a lot happier with his scores. Len noted that Joe had a better frame and gave a clean clear routine; adding that it was such an improvement. Bruno called Joe, Tall dark and dancing; adding that it was a proper dance with plenty of content. Joe and Jenna earned their best score this season with 24 points.

Bruno made a visit to Juan Pablo and Cheryl to offer some help with their Salsa from week one. After the dance Tom noted that somebody was having a good week. Calling the dance sensational, Bruno said that he didn’t think any Salsa could get any hotter or better. After yelling yes several times Carrie Ann called it 50 shades of Salsa. Carrie Ann noted that Juan Pablo gave two authentic and awesome dances. Saying that Juan Pablo keeps delivering Len said that if Juan Pablo wasn’t in the finals, he was going to go home and pickle his walnuts. Agreeing with Carrie Ann, Erin said that the choreography was insane. Juan Pablo and Cheryl earned their second perfect score of the night.

Evanna and Keo got a visit from Len for a little help with their Foxtrot. Len said that the improvement was amazing; adding that there was much better movement and technique, and he enjoyed the dance. Bruno said that it was like watching another girl from week one; adding that Evanna finished the movements in the dance. Saying that she was blown away, Carrie Ann was overwhelmed with emotion. Tom noted that the duo had an incredible partnership. Evann and Keo scored 28 points for their dance.

Milo and Witney finished out the night with a Cha Cha given to them by Carrie Ann. Tom called the dance a lot of fun. Carrie Ann said that she saw more confidence this time but the dance was still a bit wild. Len noted that the performance was full of youthful exuberance. Saying that there is a joy about Milo’s dancing Len said the he always enjoys watching Milo. Calling it a very fresh individual interpretation, Bruno said that Milo hit the best sharply and it was a fantastic dance. Milo and Witney scored 28 points for their dance.

Judge’s Choice scores:
Bobby and Sharna – 24
Joe and Jenna – 24
Evann and Keo – 28
Milo and Witney -28
Alexis and Alan – 30
Juan Pablo and Cheryl – 30

Total scores:
Bobby and Sharna – 21 + 24 = 45
Joe and Jenna – 22 + 24 = 46
Milo and Witney – 27 + 28 = 55
Alexis and Alan – 28 + 30 = 58
Juan Pablo and Cheryl – 30 + 28 = 58
Evanna and Keo – 30 + 30 = 60

In this week’s results; Joe and Jenna, Alexis and Alan, and Juan Pablo and Cheryl were the three couples named in jeopardy with only one couple safe and moving on to the finals.

In the most shocking results of the season, Tom named Alexis and Alan as the only coupe safe this week. Joe and Jenna and Juan Pablo and Cheryl were eliminated just one week from the finals.

Erin called the results just wrong and Len said that there was no justice here.