After taking a week off to celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse, “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” returns…and this week the Juniors have taken over.

In Junior’s Choice the kids have chosen the music, costume, and creative direction.

Miles and Rylee got the night of Junior creativeness started with a Jazz dance that featured B-Boy and Hip-Hop moves to the theme from “Space Jam”. This week Miles had to be on the set of “black-ish” for taping and was learning his dance steps via skype. It wasn’t until the day before the live performances that he and Rylee danced together. Mandy called it an awesome way to start the show; adding that Miles danced very well. Adam called the dance a slam dunk. Saying that he loved it, Val called the performance incredible. Miles and Rylee scored 27 points for their dance.

Mackenzie and Sage danced a Cha Cha to one of Mackenzie’s own songs – “What If”. Saying that they killed the dance, Adam said that the song was really good too. Noting that she was doing her own thing Val wanted to recognize Mackenzie for being who she is. Mandy said that Mackenzie was a great performer; adding that she saw star quality tonight. Mackenzie and Sage scored 27 points for their dance.

Jason and Elliana performed a B-Boy and Hip-Hop infused Jazz dance to “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC. Saying that he loved it Val noted that Jason’s swag was on the level of a trillion. Noting that the dance had all the elements of a great Jazz dance, Mandy said that Jason performed the dance like he was six foot five. Adam said that Jason came out and was the leader of the dance crew; adding that he rocked the house. Jason and Elliana scored 25 points for their dance.

Spelling Bee champion Akash added a Spelling Bee element to his Charleston with Kamri by spelling a word with 45 letters. Mandy was impressed with the speed – of the dance and the spelling; adding that Akash was the first person in the history of DWTS to perform a one legged leap frog over his partner. Adam noted that every week Akash comes out and the dance is so much fun. Val noted that Akash makes intelligence look cool. Noting that he is the youngest boy to ever compete in a spelling be and the youngest on the show Akash spoke to the young folks saying that they are never too small to do big things. Akash and Kamri scored 20 points for their dance.

Sky and JT performed a Samba to “The Greatest” by Sia. Ada noted that the duo have such great chemistry that they fill the whole room. Noting that Sky is obviously committed to learning the proper Ballroom moves, Val said that he loves where Sky is going. Agreeing with Val, Mandy said that the dance had amazing content and was done with amazing execution. Sky and JT scored 23 points for their dance.

Mandla and Brightyn danced a Cha Cha to Bruno Mars that had them beginning up in the Sky Box and working their way down the stairs. Val said that Mandla is paving his way to be his own artist, something fresh and clean; adding that it was a great Cha Cha. Noting that mentor Cheryl was not easy on them this week, Mandy said that she can’t stop watching Mandla. Agreeing with Val, Adam said that the dance was super creative; adding that Mandla has fund his groove. Earning his highest score this season, Mandla and Brightyn scored 25 points for their dance.

The final dance of the night was a Jazz routine from Ariana and Artyon to “Rolex” that featured Hip-Hop dance moves. The performance earned a standing ovation from the house. Mandy called it an awesome performance with some great Jazz moves. Noting that they were tough on Ariana last time, Adam said that she listened to them and there was nothing more they could ask tonight. Val said that he had nothing more to say but that they had charisma, swagger, and presence. Earning the first 10 of the season…and the highest score, Ariana and Artyon scored 28 points for their dance.

Junior’s Choice scores:
Akash and Kamri – 20
Sky and JT – 23
Jason and Elliana – 25
Mandla and Brightyn – 25
Miles and Rylee – 27
Mackenzie and Sage – 27
Ariana and Artyon – 28

In this week’s results, the couple with the lowest combined scores and going home are Jason and Elliana.

Next week the Juniors get thankful.