Doing anything or 50 years is a lifetime. The comedy duo of Williams and Ree – also known as the Indian and the White Guy – have been touring the country for 50 years sharing their politically laced comedy.

The professed politically incorrect duo take aim at politicians, the government, and items in the news; but most notably, they pick on each other.

With any topic fair game, Bruce Williams and Terry Reed take the stage armed only with their guitars and their wit.

On October 11, Williams and Ree returned to the Bear’s Den Showroom in the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino for a side splitting evening of hilarity that poked fun at the current White House resident, Christopher Columbus, and of course Native Americans and White people.

The night also featured a little musical entertainment with Terry singing the Indian National Anthem and Bruce performing the original song “Indian Casino Blues”.

Through all the fun and hilarity, Williams and Reed always have one serious message – Don’t Do Drugs; especially since there is stuff out there these days that will kill you.

Whether it be the white folks are keeping the Indians in business by gambling at their casinos and white people taught the Indians how to make stuff up or it’s all Columbus’ fault and to he who has the gold makes the rules and Native American mothers know how to solve problems…including #metoo; Williams and Ree are always good for a laugh and a break from the troubles of everyday life with a show that is worth seeing…again and again and again.